Gwilly Edmondez

Full-length Albums
  1. MAX KURT/Anatomical Disseminator (2009)
  2. MAX KURT/Lord Shiznit (2009)
  3. Pandaemonium Soundtracks [with Richard Bowers] (2008)
  4. Falco Subbuteo (Gwilly Edmondez & Val Persona) - Bork Tensions (2008)
  5. Yesterday In Parliament (Gwilly Edmondez) - Ritual Foxy (2007)
  6. Abstract Exhibitionism, Volume 1 (2001)
  7. Abstract Exhibitionism, Volume 2 (2002)

Gwilly Edmondez - A Selection of 21st Century Works

Gwilly Edmondez emerged as a singular entity from South Wales's legendary Radioactive Sparrow (1980-2003) in late 1980s. His work is about immediate performance, collage, and improvisation. He operates both as a solo artist and as collaborator in several groups (mostly duos). He also issues recordings as Virginia Pipe (fantasy breaks); Copydex (collage); and Gustav Thomas (Gameboy compositions). In his day job, he teaches postvernacular composition at Newcastle University.

Over the past 19 years, the Dictaphone has been central to Gwilly's practice as a means of recording in unlikely circumstances; as a way of manipulating recorded sound; and as a performance instrument. The two volumes of Abstract Exhibitionism, featured here, could be regarded as definitive works in the would-be field of dictaphone performance, or 'Dictaphonics'. The most recent works here, the Max Kurt 'diptych' (Anatomical Disseminator and Lord Shiznit), plus Bork Tensions by Falco Subbuteo (duo with violinist/composer Val Persona) are available for download only from UBUWEB. A performance art/installation collaboration with Richard Bowers/Sound Of Aircraft Attacking Britain is also represented here by two unreleased studio preparation tracks, Pandæmonium Examples 1 & 2.

Gwilly appears frequently on Newcastle's live music web-channel, MusicFilmBroth (

The Films of Gwilly Edmondez on UbuWeb