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MAX KURT/Lord Shiznit (2009)
  1. I'm A Turd Edit
  2. Antiquity's Hawk
  3. Go Boozy
  4. Bothered Clasp
  5. Beijing 2008 (Opening Ceremony)
  6. Planing Fragment
  7. Break Up The Peace
  8. People's Hair (New York)
  9. Cool Sound (This Is The)
  10. Wild Fins
  11. Twiggy Latents
  12. Smile On (Magic Termite)
  13. I Am The Way You Move
  14. Rock Music From South Wales
  15. Knotted Gareths In Loose Clay
  16. Green Shimmers Plausibly
  17. On An Inventory Y'All Spittin'
  18. Salon '82
  19. Gonna Emigrate All Over You
  20. People's Hair (During Urine)
  21. Riff Geek Processional
  22. Thongs By Bomber Harris
  23. Did You Like Kate Bush Back In The Day?
  24. Urbliterat's Bible Comes Varnished
  25. Give It Up For The Arthropods
  26. Tofino Bark
  27. Screw Norwich Fuzz
  28. Y'Need Defecatin' Backwards
  29. Closing Title: Gassy Forks

Recorded onto BR in trains across England, Wales & France between August and December 2008.

Gwilly Edmondez: SU10, TCM20DV, Ac. Guit. & one of those crap Stylophones they started flogging in entertainment outlets last year but has now been trashed. The dictaphone tape in track 21 features the alto sax of Karl D'Silva, as well as one instance of Nick Herbert's trademark yaffle.

What do you want now? I can't believe the levels you're prepared to accept of the almighty dupe. While standards in production rocketed inversely towards the dream-Platonic surface, Gwilly still found a crack that, like when he was three in the Welsh, luminous Welsh puddles of Ewenny, he took leave to pry. Where Anatomical Disseminator indulges impatience and haste, Lord Shiznit fires interruptions at the deadly continuities, accepting nothing but sweet fish.

The second MAX KURT album is dirtier than the first. Even where there are 'beats', they are far more manic. Where there are songs, they can embarrass the listener. Again, made for the internet (though hardcopies will be made available at live shows and selected outlets such as Newcastle's (UK) Alt Vinyl, this album was completed for (and is premièred on) UBUWEB.

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