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Pandaemonium Soundtracks (with Richard Bowers) [2008]
  1. Pandæmonium Example One
  2. Pandæmonium Example Two

Recorded in Penarth, South Wales, 6th March 2008
Gwilly Edmondez - voice
Richard Bowers - electronics & processing

Having played together for many years in the legendary Radioactive Sparrow, as well as collaborating as part of Bowers' Sound Of Aircraft Attacking Britain, Gwilly Edmondez and Richard Bowers' most recent collaboration has been a series of performance art/video pieces, most notably at the AV08 festival (in the North-East of England) and Cardiff, Wales's Experimentica 08 festival. The performance at AV08 became notorious for Gwilly's obscene engagement with Action Man™ props, a picture from which accompanied The Wire's review of the Smiling Through My Teeth compilation by People Like Us.

These two tracks are studio renditions of live performance pieces. Bowers & Edmondez will continue to develop this show at forthcoming festivals as and when. For dates and video clips, visit

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