Extended Voices (1968)

Extended Voices: New pieces for Chorus and for Voices Altered Electronically by Sound Synthesizers and Vocoder (1968)

1. Pauline Oliveros "Sound Patterns"

2. Alvin Lucier "North American Time Capsule 1967 (For Voices and Sylvania Electronic Systems Vocoder)"

3. John Cage "Solos for Voice 2 (Electronic Realization by Gordon Mumma and David Tudor)"

4. Robert Ashley "She Was A Visitor"

5. Toshi Ichyanagi "Extended Voices (For Voices With Moog Synthesizer and Buchla Associates Electronic Modular System)"

6. Morton Feldman "Chorus and Instruments (II)"

7. Morton Feldman "Christian Wolff In Cambridge"

Odyssey 32 16 0156 (stereo); 32 16 0155 (monaural) (LP)
Brandeis University Chamber Chorus, conducted by Alvin Lucier
No recording details mentioned.
Release date not mentioned. A mono version of this recording was released on the same label: Odyssey 32 16 0155.
Also released on CBS 34-61066.
LP released in 1968

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