Fluxsweet, 2005

1. Play Paper by Alison Knowles (2003)

""Consider fragments of onion skins as musical notations. Perform with handmade musical instruments and toys."

Performed by Alison Knowles, Larry Miller and Taketo Shimada

2. Flux Music Box by Joe Jones (1966)

""Modify two or more music boxes and play them simultaneously, if possible use children."

Performed by Zora Gookin and Robin Kahn + Clara Higgins Selman and Jessica Higgins + Taketo Shimada

3. FINGER EXERCISE by Larry Miller (1982)

""Make sounds with fingers."

Performed by Alison Knowles, Taketo Shimada, Kirby Gookin and Larry Miller

4. DANGER MUSIC #2 by Dick Higgins (1961)

""Hat. Rags. Paper. Heave. Shave"

Performed by Alison Knowles and Nelson/Electric Chaircut

5. Nivea Cream by Alison Knowles (1962)

""First performer comes on stage with a jar of Nivea cream. The performer massages hands in front of the microphone. Other performers enter one at the time. They make a mass of massaging hands and leave one at a time following the first performer." Performed by Alison Knowles, Kirby Gookin, Beckett Gookin, Jessica Higgins, Nancy Hwang, Noura Al-Salem and Taketo Shimada

Performed Monday, February 14, 2005 at Harvestworks, NYC
Organized by Taketo Shimada

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