Fluxus Anthology, 30th Anniversary, 1962-1992 Sound Events, 8 Cassettes

1. George Maciunas's Seattle Interview

Interviewer: William Woods
Recorded at KRAB Radio, Seattle, Washington, September 1977

2. Henning Christiansen "Symphony Natura"OP.170 (1985)

1. gibbon in glass-sound
2. kakadua in the north
3. orso e foca a villa d'este
4. coro di scimmie
5. canzone si lupi con basso continuo
6. cervo e gibbone nella civilta
7. vogelorgel
8. ll mare degli animali

recorded at the roma zoo, october 1985
in collaboration with lorenzo mammi, roma

3. Robert Filliou - Whispered History Of Art (1963)

Recorded in mono at New Wilderness Studio, New York by Ondine Fiore, December

1977. This version of the text is printed in Robert Filliou's Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (Koln : Verlag Gebruder Konig 1970)

4. Milan Knizak - Bossanova Suite (1990)

Recorded at Radio Vienna, Austria, 1990


- 2 records players playing my destroyed music
- 2 taperecorders with tapes of my older pieces
- 2 synthesizers played by myself
- piano & voice also by myself

(Milan Knizak)

Takehisa Kosugi - New York, August 14 1991

The music was perfomed by myself -solo-, recorded live at former apartment in New York City on the same date as the title shows.In this performance I made use of:

- Pre-recorded environmental sounds (birds) in the city Ferrara, Italy.
- Live broadcasting sound on W-CBS Radio, New York.
- A plastic bottle in which a small microphone is installed for picking up my voice & other sounds.
- An audio generator for electronic sound.
- Sound effectors including time-delay machine and pitch shifter.


6. Joe Jones - Solar Music Hot House

The music was perfomed by myself -solo-, recorded live at former apartment in New York City on the same date as the title shows.In this performance I made use of:


Recorded in linz (Austria) for "Ars Electronica Festival" 1988

7. Wolf Vostell - Le Cri / The Cry (1990)

music sculpture, concert recorded at Gallerie Lavinnes, Bastille, Paris, France.

The Cry
Fluxus Concert

...60 Minutes
2 string quartets
4 lumberjacks
some zambombas
20 TVs
5 sopranos
30 chorists
30 hoovers
Trombones oboes
an automobile accident
400 spectators
10 partitions
""Furnishing Music" (Satie) where we break up the furniture
A sculpture/Happening an envorpnment/collage
The Pleyel room at the bottom of a lake (superrimbaud)
the listener is in the picture

""I havn't yet noted what is the most critical, I'm still
sinking fast.The work awaiting me is enormous."
Kafka's Jounal, quoted by Elias Canetti
- Canetti's quotes are all from
Das Gewissen der Worte (the awareness of words)

Six pretexts for W.V. by raphael Sorin, 17 july 1990

8. Al Hansen - Car Bibbe (1958/1959)
Recorded at Bonn Kunstverein fluxus performance festival 1989

9. Al Hansen - Balloni Brothers Balloon Work

10. Al Hansen - Joseph Beuys Stuka Bomber Piece (1989)

Recorded at Galerie Kolon in 1989.This was a backup piece for another performance of BeuysStuka Piece at Milano Poesie festival. The piece was created for a video festival in Tor Colonus in Cologne, spring 1989 (Al Hansen).

11. Al Hansen - The Futuristic Chattanooga Choo Choo in the Mongolian Desert.

Performed by Al Hansen and Janet Kramer (from RIGA) and who sings in Lituian. Music mix by Jurgen Turje.

12. Al Hansen - I opened the top button of her jeans and zipped her zipper down (anonymous musicians)

13. Al Hansen - Intermedia L.A. Roadside streetwise poetry

14. Al Hansen - Venus Rap

15. Paul Sharits - "The Existential Anguish Symphony"

Recorded at Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo on November 9, 1991
Performed by Paul Sharits.
Conductor: Chen Han.

16. Larry Miller - Accord

(selection from the 2nd 4th movement)
Instrumentalists : Louwrien Wijers, Larus Grimsson, Michael Wasvisz and Alfred van den Heuval.
Translator : Josine van Droffelaar.

17. Marcel Alocco - Pour Fluxus (1960-1967-1968)

- Musique
- Events
- Six evenements a consomner sur place.

18. Albrecht D. - Two Lines (1991) -excerpt-

Recorded on 27-12-1991 Stuttgart.

15. Alison Knowles - A Nivea Cream Piece For Oscar (Emmett) Williams (1962)

First performer comes on stage with a bottle of handcream, labeled "nivea cream" if none is available.

He pours the cream into his/her hands and do the same thing.

Other performer enter, one by one, and do the same thing.

Then they join together in front of the microphone to make a mass of massaging hands. They leave in the reverse of the other they entered, on a signal from the first performer.

The piece was premiered on November 25th 1962 at All Scenen theatre, Copenhagen, Fluxusfestival.

The score as above was printed in 'by Alison Knowles' 1965 A Great Bear Pamphlet vol.1, New York.

Performed by Ingrid Dinter and Alison Knowles, New York, 1991.

16. Robert Watts - String Record Composition (1969)

Watts Studio Archive Copyright 1988

The selection you hear is a soundcomposition from his work String Record (1969).It's a 12 inch diameter wooden disc (originary LP record size) which has string glued to it forming the playing grooves.

17. Eric Anderson - Untactics Of Music (1968)

Excerpt from a 5 hour performance recorded in the streets of Qubec City during the "Day of the music" by United Nations on October 1, 1968.

The brassband was the Qubec Band "Harmonie des Cascades" with 100 musicians conducted by Laurent Breton.

Producer was Luis Brosseau.

18. Carolee Schneemann - 'Mother Lexicon' (1981)

(from "Dirty Pictures")

Performed by : Larry Miller, Caroree Schneemann, Laurence Warshaw, Mark Daniels

19. Jean Dupuy - Elle Aimait Bien Les Frites, Marguerite. (1977)

Performed by Jana Haimsohn & Olga Adofno
Recorded at Judson Church, New York 1977
From J.Dupuy's performance 'chant a capella'.

20. Ken Friedman - Melon Medley (1965)

"""Create a tonal percussion instrument of melons.

Using melons of different kinds and sizes, yield different sounds. Play with a mallet"


21. Richard Maxfield - Pastoral Symphony (1960)

Pastral Symphony is of composer's most widely heard works, often choreographed as well as in concert, being included in the fluxus concerts in Paris, Wiesbaden and New York.

The sounds are entirely of electronic origin.

(Ken Friedman, from the liner notes of the record album Richard Maxfield - Electro Music Advance FOR85 1969)

22. Dick Higgins - In Memoriam (1961)

In memoriam was made of assembring loops a dub a phonograph record of 16th century dance music.

The dance is heard, simultaneously, up to sixteen times as fast and sixteen times as slow as the original, backwords as well as forward, giving a sort of cinematic effect.

24. Dick Higgins - Omnia Gallia (1980)

Omnia Gallia is a sound or performance poem using three voices (all mine in this case);the list could be varied year by year to keep its dualities current (see enclosed score) Dick Higgins

25. Mieko Shiomi - A Celestial Tune By 108 Glass marbles

....For My Mother's Soul ....


""I placed one hundred and eight glass marbles on piano strings and metal board around them.

Each time I hit the key, the marbles bounce or move around the strings. And they play a tune, but it never came out the same."

""In Japan we have a traditional ceremony to play bells of the temples one hunderd and eight times from midnight of Dec.31 until New Year.

It's to purify one hundred and eight mundane desires which humane kind is thought to have by nature.

I want to dedicate this music to my mother who passed away in last december."

(Mieko Siomi)

26. Bob Lens - "Vacuum Cleaners"

In concert on telephone & other scores 1992. Dedicated to Robert Filliou and Arther Koepcke.
FROM     HOLE     TO     HOLE



FLUXUS ANTHOLOGY. 30th Anniversary 1962 - 1992.
Berlin: Edition (Fluxscan) Slowscan, 1992.

83 cm (diameter) hexagonal wooden box with silkscreened titling in black (lid and side-panels). Content of eight cassettes, six sound scores and one bookwork (21 x 31cm) + an original print by Ray Johnson. One of only 38 contributors copies (there were also 50 regular examples + 4 artist's proofs) issued of this soundwork anthology in multiple format. This copy was reserved for Ben Vautier and Emmett Williams (A.P.). Tape pieces by Henning Christiansen, Robert Filliou, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Joe Jones, Milan Knizak, George Maciunas, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, et al., many of which were issued here for the first time. Scores by Eric Anderson, Christiansen, Filliou, Friedman, Higgins, and Vostell. All pieces are signed by the contributors. Only the contributors examples include the Ray Johnson print (noted above). Bookwork composed of extensive bios. of each contributing artist and a detailed sound-art discography. All elements fine in like box.

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