The Gerogerigegege

Endless Humiliation (1994) [59:59]

1. Endless Humiliation

One of the most eerie and haunting pieces of music Juntaro Yamanouchi ever bothered recording. The CD sounds like a field recording of a drunken, homeless japanese man rambling over the sounds of a distant piano. Probably the quietest work done by the group, its often thought to have been either a long winded work of social commentary or a piece of music that Juntaro created for or about his mother, who was a rather famous japanese classical pianist. Possibly the closest thing to 'uneasy' listening you can get.

Senzuri Power-Up (1991)

1. Gero-p 1985 [1:08]

2. Anal Beethoven #2 [4:20]

3. Boogie Woogie Lonesome Onanie Style [3:30]

4. Car Sex MacDonald Drive In [7:41]

I Wanna Be Your Pantie [1:20]

6. Story of Thabala [6:12]

The Gerogerigegege is a music project created in 1985 in Shinjuku, Tokyo by Juntaro Yamanouchi, who runs and maintains the Vis a Vis record label in Japan.

The name of the group combines the Japanese words for "vomit" (ゲロ, gero) and "diarrhea" (ゲリ, geri) with what is supposedly the sound of these actions occurring simultaneously (ゲゲゲ, gegege). It has also been transliterated to mean "barf, diarrhea, ha ha ha," although "gegege" is possibly a humorous reference to GeGeGe no Kitaro, or an onomatopoeic word of disgust or exasperation, making the name open to several differing interpretations. To (very) loosely translate the name, Yamanouchi has also used the term "Japanese Ultra Shit Band".

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