John Giorno (1936-2019)

The Intravenous Mind Presents Poems by John Giorno (LP 501 / 1967)

Side 1: Raspberry

Side 2: Pornographic Poem

Read by twelve people including Robert Rauschenberg, Yvonne Rainer, Peter Schjeldahl, Brice Marden and Patti Oldenburg.

Recorded from an still-in-package LP given to Daniel Nester by John Giorno in 2003 after an interview at the poet's home. The interview would appear in Nerve and, later, Gargoyle. You can read the interview here.

Dakini Software (1972)

Recorded at St. Marks Church in New York City on November 8, 1972, John Giorno presents a lengthy excerpt from his poem “Dakini Software.” Giorno is well known for his provocative sound and performance poetry that blends a bohemian sensibility, radical sexual politics, and spiritual practice. All these elements are featured in this echo-laden rendition of “Dakini Software,” which mixes the metaphors of a female, tantric and Tibetan Buddhist deity, or embodiment of enlightened energy, with the concept of computerized instructions to impart the idea of what has been called “brainwashing based on Eastern wisdom.”

Words: Program No. 13: John Giorno (December 1, 1969)

One in a series of programs produced by Clark Coolidge that feature the works of late 20th century poets, sound poets, and authors. This recording, first broadcast on December 1, 1969, contains five text-sound compositions by John Giorno. Created using multiple tape decks and a MOOG synthesizer these works feature both male and female voices with some minimal electronic manipulation such as reverb and delay. The words themselves are broken up into phrases that are often repeated in full or in part. The subject matter is varied and at times open to interpretation but recurring themes include war and sex.

A Reading by John Giorno & William Burroughs (November 7, 1974)

Charles Amirkhanian and Victor Bedoian introduce a live reading before an audience of over 1,000 at the Pauley Ballroom of UC Berkeley given by America's most noted writers, William S. Burroughs and John Giorno. Giorno (b. 1936) reads his newest work "Subduing Demons in America" and his "Suicide Sutra". Burroughs reads from "Nova Express" , "The Wild Boys" and other works.

Various Tracks

1. Grasping at Emptiness (1978)

2. Vajra Kisses (1972)

3. Suicide Sutra (1973)

4. Eating The Sky (1978)

5. Excerpt from Shit, Piss, Blood, Pus + Brains (1976)

6. Excerpt from Subduing Demons in America (1975)

7. Give it to me baby (1967)

8. I resigned myself to being here 9:44

9. John Giorno: Everyone Is A Complete Disappointment

10. John Giorno: Drinking the blood of Every woman's period

11. John Giorno - "Exiled in Domestic Life"    

12. John Giorno Band - Scum & Slime

13. John Giorno - I Don't Need It, I Don't Want It, and You Cheated Me Out of It

14. John Giorno - Completely Attached to Delusion

15. John Giorno - excerpt from Put Your Ear to Stone & Open Your Heart to the Sky

16. John Giorno "Suicide Sutra" (10:29)

17. John Giorno "Eating Human Meat" (18:57)

18. John Giorno "Subduing Demons in America" (30:51)

19. John Giorno "Subduing Demons in America" (30:51)

20. Stretching It Wider (6:44)

21. We Got Here Yesterday, We're Here Now, And I Can't Wait To Leave Tomorrow (10:30)

22. The Death of William S. Burroughs (7:00)

Track 1, Recorded at ZBS Media, Fort Edward, NY, June 9, 1978, from the LP Dial-A-Poem Poets Big Ego

Track 2, 8:20, Recorded GPS, New York, August 9, 1972, from the LP Dial-A-Poem Poets

Track 3, 7:17, recorded GPS, 9/73 from the LP Dial-A-Poem Poets Disconnnected

Track 4, recorded at the Nova Convention, NYC, 1978 from the LP The Nova Convention

Track 5, Recorded at Z.B.S. Media, Fort Edwards, NY, April 28, 1976 from the LP Dial-A-Poem Poets Totally Corrupt

Track 6, Recorded at Z.B.S. Media, Fort Edwards, NY, Jan 6, 1975 from the LP Biting off the Tongue of a Corpse

Track 7, from 10 + 2 = 12 American Text-Sound Pieces

Track 8, from Sugar, Meat & Alcohol

Track 9, 10 from John Giorno & Anne Waldman: "a Kulchur Selection"

Track 11, from "Better An Old Demon Than A New God"

Track 12, from "A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse"

Track 13, 14, 15 from "You're the Guy I Want To Share My Money With" (1981)

Track 16, 17, 18 from "William S. Burroughs / John Giorno" (1975)

Track 20, 21 from Glenn Branca/John Giorno 'Who You Staring At?' (1982)

Track 22 from Erraturm, No. 3

John Giorno in Rirkrit Tiravanija's film, "JG Reads (Reel 1)" [2008]