Rodney Graham (b. 1949)

Getting It Together In The Country (2000)

    Getting It Together In The Country

  1. Nature Has No Purpose 2:50
  2. Feelin' Alright? 4:20 (Dave Mason)
  3. Champagne For Everyone 1:12
  4. This Is The Only Living I've Got (Don't Take It Away From Me) 1:47

    More Music For The Love Scene, Zabriskie Point

  5. One 0:45
  6. Two 2:52
  7. Three 1:12
  8. Four 1:28
  9. Five 1:30
  10. Love Of Knocks 2:09
Guitar, Vocals – Rodney Graham
Released by Kunstverein München

Very rare, original and now long deleted 10" by Canadian artist Rodney Graham, a conceptual artist and long time Bruce Nauman associate that subverts distinctions of format and genre, and the result is an entertaining and intelligent artist's ''book.'' "Getting it Together in the Country" consists of an LP and an extensive text insert. The LP contains recordings of Graham improvising on the guitar to the legendarily surrealistic mass love scene Michelangelo Antonioni's film "Zabriskie Point", and its cover is designed as a facsimile of the classical LP's put out by the Deutsche Grammaphone label. The book inside the LP jacket contains documentation of Graham's work as well as his meditations on the late Kurt Cobain and on Atonioni's ill-fated film. It is the latest in a long line of the masterpieces of postmodern, post-conceptual wit that have defined the career of this member of the ''Vancouver Group'' of avant-garde Canadian artists.

Bed-Bug, Love Buzz And Other Short Songs In The Popular Idiom (2001)
  1. The Bed-Bug (Part 1) 1:40
  2. Put It In A Letter 2:35
  3. Keep It To Yourself 2:47
  4. A Little Thought 3:53
  5. One More Thing 2:42
  6. What Is Happy, Baby 2:48
  7. Man, I Really Miss The Coast 2:41
  8. The Bed-Bug (Part 2) 2:26
  9. Love Buzz 2:07
  10. The Motivator 2:41
  11. Hard Luck Day 4:52
  12. Ball And Chain 1:24
  13. Dumbed It Down 2:24
  14. So-Called Friends 4:18
  15. Up On The Mantel 2:43
  16. It Fluctuates 0:42
  17. File Under Europop 3:29
Released by Dia Center for the Arts

All songs recorded and mixed between June 1998 and February 2000 at JCDC (North Vancouver)

The Warehouse The Armoury Studio 55 Rodney Graham's Home (Vancouver)

Rock is Hard (2003)
  1. High And Lonesome 4:17
  2. Autumn Complaint 4:14
  3. What´s So Funny? (I Don´t Get It) 3:21
  4. That´s What It Feels Like To Be Washed Up In Your Own Home Town 2:11
  5. Gloomy Decade 3:34
  6. Nighttime (I´m A Lover) 3:27
  7. I´m A Time Waster 3:01
  8. An Actor´s Life 3:28
  9. I Hear Wedding Bells 2:19
  10. Just How Low Does Your Love-Meter Go? 2:50
  11. Music For The Very Old 3:29
  12. Belles Of Paris 5:35
  13. Seein´Stars 3:26
  14. I Can Take It, But Barely 3:22
  15. Attributes Of The Criminal Mind 3:52
  16. Theme From "The Phonokinetoscope" 4:56
Guitar, Vocals – Rodney Graham
Released by Kunstverein München

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