Bob Holman

Bob Holman In With the Out Crowd
Produced by Hal Wiliner

1. Sung to the Tune of "The Weary Road"

2. We Are the Dinosaur (Holman/Kramer-Ricci)

3. Jorge Brandon (Holman/ Spedding)

4. The Death of Poetry

5. The Impossible Rap (The Other Thought)

6. Fire: Friend or Foe? (Holman/Ricci)

7. Later for Now (Hoiman/Spedding)!

8. Forgotten Melody (The Poet and Peasant Overture)

9. Poetry By The Number

10. Levitatin' in Levittown (Holman / Spedding)

11. I'd Rather Be Crazy Than Stupid (So How Come I'm Crazy for You?)

12. That's Why (Holman, Spedding)

13. Storyline

14. Perfect Harmony (Holman/Neuwirth)

15. After Li Po


Bob Holman - poems/voice, Hal Wilner - samples, needle-drops, Chris Spedding - guitar/bass, Wayne Kramer - guitar, bass, Bob Neuwirth - guitar/banjo, percussion, Brock Avery - drums, Ken Deifik - harmonica, Vito Ricci -sequencer, Tim Gennert - bass.Jenni Muidaur - voice... Bill Adler - sine qua non