Stewart Home (b. 1962)

Stewart Home Comes In Your Face (1996)

  1. Smash The Individual
  2. Necrophile
  3. Kill
  4. Seduced & Abandoned
  5. Join The Angry Side
  6. 13 O'Clock
  7. Arsehole
  8. My Baby's Got Syphilus
  9. Storm The Yuppie Homes
  10. Towards A Cay Communism
  11. Destroy The Family
  12. Slaughterhouse Of Love

    Dophins PunkRockDrunk Live

  13. What's This Shit Called Rock 'N' Roll?
  14. Bored On Arrival
  15. Mr. Politician Man
  16. My Little Death
  17. The Boy Looked At Johnny
  18. Get Up & Go
  19. Career Day
  20. J.A.F.S. (JustAnotherFuckingSong)
  21. The Truth
  22. PunkRockDrunk
  23. Suburban Hell (encore)
  24. Lenny Bruce (encore)

    Stewart Home Pre-Come

  25. Boycott Stockhausen Radio Phone-In
  26. Colours 180 Degrees Of Hell Live

    Colours 180 Degrees Of Hell Live

  27. Deviant Watchmakers
  28. Dislocation Dance

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Cyber-Sadism Live

Live at Do Tongues. Brighton 28/6/95

  1. Introduction.
  2. From Red London
  3. Blame It On The Normans
  4. All Power To The Druid Councils
  5. Is The Queen An Alien?
  6. From New Britain
  7. Are There Any Feminists Here Tonight?
  8. From Girl Power
  9. From Frenzy Of The Flesh.
  10. Banter With The Bar Maid

    Live at the ICA. London 28/8/97

  11. William Burroughs In Hell
  12. Cheap Night Out
  13. Saul Bellow Is Senile
  14. From Slow Death
  15. Anarchism Is Stupid
  16. From Come Before Christ & Murder Love
  17. Cyber "guru" Douglas Rushkoff responds to Home's performance

    Live at the Tate Gallery. Liverpool 25/5/95

  18. Audience baiting (edited lowlights from banter between readings)

    Live at the Tate Gallery. Liverpool 25/5/95

  19. A Fiery Flying Roll from Defiant Pose

    Cyber Recordings

  20. The Poet. (recorded 1996)
  21. The True Blue Confessions Of Larry O'Hara, Spookbuster!
    (This story features a computer simulation of O'Hara's voice. The track is panned, the first half of the story running through the right channel, the second part through the left. To listen to the piece sequentially, adjust the balance control on your stereo system to hear the first half, then return to the beginning and re-tune for the second part. To savour the true craziness of a deranged stalker with a penchant for hiding in a pub doorways to spy on Stewart Home, simply leave the balance on a normal setting).


  22. Stewart Home and Pete Horobin "Monty Cantsin" (recorded in Dysart circa 1984)
  23. Stewart Home and Jimmy Cauty "Sonic Chat" (recorded at the Lantern Inn, Ashburton 29/7/96)

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Stewart Home was born in south London in 1962. He developed an interest in northern soul and punk rock as a teenager, and from 1974 onwards spent a lot of his time hanging around the West End of London, both alone and in the company of other juveniles.

After leaving school at the age of sixteen, he first signed on the dole in the late seventies, and last claimed unemployment benefits in the mid-nineties. He has never held down a regular job for more than a few months at a time. On those rare occasions when he's been forced to work, Home has taken employment as a factory labourer, agricultural labourer, shop assistant, office clerk and art class model.

Deciding he didn't like working in factories as a teenager, Home pursued cultural and political interests, writing many books and participating in even more gallery exhibitions. He lives in London. Thames water, rather than blood, is said to run through Home's veins.

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