Don Joyce (1944-2015)

We'll Be Right Back 1994 (32:36)

Recorded At – VPRO
Released on Mort Aux Vache Records, 1994

Music By [Solo Production], Effects [FX] – Don Joyce

A solo production by Don Joyce of Negativland. All source material for this recording originated during World War 2. Only FX have been added. Recording commissioned by VPRO's De Avonden (Berry Kamer & Jan Hiddink) in co-production with Staalplaat.

This is an edition of 1000, hand numbered, copies.
Packaged in a tri-fold cover with a fastener pin.

Guns! 30 min., 1989

A dense, pulsing "action song," whose verses deal with America's intimate relationship with firearms: "The gun and the Bible carved this nation out of the wilderness," a man exclaims. A tradition unfolds that links the voices of the past as we know them through television cowboy movies and gangster films, to the modern Annie-Get-Your-Gun, the business woman of the 'eighties with her handy sub-machine gun. An evolving patchwork of movie excerpts and TV ads, statements and information about guns, and of certain phrases repeated like bullets.

Commissioned for New American Radio


DON JOYCE (Oakland, CA) has been working in radio since 1976. He is the producer of the late night show "Over The Edge", in which he and other Negativland members (Mark Hosler, Chris Grigg, David Willis, Richard Lyons) use the entire studio as an instrument to produce a weekly session of live spontaneous sound combustion. Over the last decade Negativland has developed a variety of collaborative and listener interactive ways of presenting their noise/rock/found sound/sound animation compositions, including Radio Teletours "from our house to yours - phone charges only." Joyce and Negativland have produced two works for NEW AMERICAN RADIO: GUNS! (1989), and Advertising Secrets (1991).

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