Douglas Kahn

  1. Reagan Speaks for Himself (1980) (3:33)
    Sub Pop Cassette Zine, 1980 - SP005

  2. Reagan Speaks for Himself (1980) (3:33)
    RAW Magazine #4, March 1982 - "The Graphix Magazine for Your Bomb Shelter's Coffee Table" Eva-Tone Flexi disc

    Produced using a razor blade and reel to reel player, the first version of his collage, Reagan Speaks For Himself (completed before Reagan was elected) opened with the former President being made to say "I want to say I'm President. I want to live in the White House!" After he was elected, the intro was changed to, "For the first time in Man's history, I uhhh, I'm President!" The first version was issued by Sub-Pop as part of a cassette compilation (#5) in the 1980's (it was track 3, right before Digital Alarm by Steve Fisk) and got some attention on college radio. The second version was published on flexidisc in Raw No. 4, after a small skirmish with Evatone, who wanted the alternative comic magazine to obtain Reagan's permission. As this would have, of course, been impossible, the record was eventually produced overseas. It was also issued on a folk LP called Reaganomic Blues and included as a dance remix on the Fine Young Cannibals EP, Good Times and Bad.