Alison Knowles (b. 1933)

1. Three Songs

Broadcast on KPFK, Close Radio, March 11, 1978, 25 min. 32 sec.
Three songs of familiar but not easily identifiable noises.

2. Play Paper (2003)

""Consider fragments of onion skins as musical notations. Perform with handmade musical instruments and toys."

Performed by Alison Knowles, Larry Miller and Taketo Shimada

3. Nivea Cream by Alison Knowles (1962)

""First performer comes on stage with a jar of Nivea cream. The performer massages hands in front of the microphone. Other performers enter one at the time. They make a mass of massaging hands and leave one at a time following the first performer." Performed by Alison Knowles, Kirby Gookin, Beckett Gookin, Jessica Higgins, Nancy Hwang, Noura Al-Salem and Taketo Shimada

(Tracks 2-3 from Fluxsweet)

4. Alison Knowles - A Nivea Cream Piece For Oscar (Emmett) Williams (1962)

First performer comes on stage with a bottle of handcream, labeled "nivea cream" if none is available.

He pours the cream into his/her hands and do the same thing.

Other performer enter, one by one, and do the same thing.

Then they join together in front of the microphone to make a mass of massaging hands. They leave in the reverse of the other they entered, on a signal from the first performer.

The piece was premiered on November 25th 1962 at All Scenen theatre, Copenhagen, Fluxusfestival.

The score as above was printed in by Alison Knowles 1965 A Great Bear Pamphlet vol.1, New York.

Performed by Ingrid Dinter and Alison Knowles, New York, 1991.

(from Fluxus Anthology, 30th Anniversary)

5. Alison Knowles, "Nautral Assemblage. Le Vrai Corbeau," 1984 (5:05)
from Fluxus Anthology

6. Bean Sequences • Bohnen-Sequenzen (29:03)
Studio Akustische Kunst, WDR Köln, 1982.

Frijoles Canyon (1992)
  1. Glide Hall Banisters 4:20
  2. Descending Clogs Event 15:29
  3. Mechanical Saw 10:17
  4. California Sandals 4:59
  5. Rocky Mountain Train, 5 A.M. 8:02
  6. On Orchard Street 9:00
  7. Paper Pulper With Vacuum Table 7:21
  8. Frijoles Canyon 10:01

The text and sounds derive from time spent in New Mexico and Alberta, Canada, a span of several years.

Frijoles Canyon is the name of the site where the recordings were made in New Mexico.

Text reproduced in booklet is taken from "Spoken Text" published by Left Hand Books, Barrytown, N.Y. Copyright © 1993 by Alison Knowles.

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