Kuemmerling Trio Hansjorg Mayer, Dieter Roth, Emmett Williams

1. Kuemmerling Trio Nr.1

2. Kuemmerling Trio Nr.2


das Kummerling Trio / Kummerling Trio No. 1 Danneckerstr. 32, 33. Mai 1979 / GER

Cover: gatefold, multi-color print, photos, drawings, texts. 30cm, 33RPM, limited edition of 300, Edition Hansjorg Mayer Stuttgart/London No. 122

With: Hansjorg Mayer, Dieter Roth, Emmett Williams

"Riddling with Kuemmerling"

1. Once upon a time a great magician from King Arthur's Court crawled into Kuemmerling. Can you find the famous magician?

2. A mischievous child once stuck a ruler into Kuemmerling. Do you see his majesty?

3. Kuemmerling was visiting the Musee du Louvre one day, and quite by accident swallowed a Chinese vase. Can you identify the dynasty?

4. Kuemmerling's father was a shipbuilder, which accounts for the fact that Kuemmerling's bone structure resembles part of a ship. Do you know which part?

5. Kuemmerling has a great quantity of beer in him. Look carefully, and find out how much.

6. Kuemmerling ate a long, slippery fish for dinner last night. Do you see it inside him?

7. Kuemmerling!s great-grandfather came from the land where the shamrocks grow. Can you find evidence of Irish ancestry in his name?

8. Kuemmerling was a great glutton, and once, during a visit to Swizerland, he gulped down a whole river. Can you name this river?

Emmett Williams"

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