George Maciunas (1931-1978)

  1. George Brecht + James Tenney with George Maciunas, Entrance... (excerpt) 1:46

  2. George Maciunas, Solo for Lips and Tongue, 1:36
    (above tracks from Flux Tellus)

  3. George Maciunas's Seattle Interview

    Interviewer: William Woods
    Recorded at KRAB Radio, Seattle, Washington, September 1977
    (interview from Fluxus Box)

  4. An interview with George Maciunas (September 1977)

    An interview with George Maciunas, about the Fluxus art movement. He describes their influences and many of their pieces of art.

    ""In Fluxus there has never been any attempt to agree on aims or methods; individuals with something unnamable in common have simply naturally coalesced to publish and perform their work. Perhaps this common something is a feeling that the bounds of art are much wider than they have conventionally seemed, or that art and certain long-established bounds are no longer very useful. At any rate, individuals in Europe, the US, and Japan have discovered each other's work and found it nourishing (or something) and have grown objects and events which are original, and often unclassifiable, in a strange new way." -- George Maciunas


    George Maciunas in UbuWeb Film
    George Maciunas, Editor Aspen 8, The Fluxus Issue