Tom Marioni (b. 1937)

History of the Museum of Conceptual Art
From VISION #4 Word of Mouth 1980

Studio Sounds (4:25), 1981
From Live To Air: Artist's Sound Works

Tom Marioni Retrospective Show 1959 - 1973 (April 4, 1973)

This recording documents the works of Tom Marioni, from 1959 to 1973. Marioni was the founder of the Museum of Conceptual Art of San Francisco (MOCA-SF), and the force behind a number of interesting programs found on The reader heard in this recording is Marioni, who details his works in prose form. The statement was read at a show in Cambridge, MA., at Project Incorporated on February 13, 1973, and this document was prepared especially as a radio version of the same “piece”. Marioni has been concerned with sound sculpture and body sculpture and has done much to promote the works of other avant-garde visual artists.