Rick Moody (b. 1961)

1. Aesthetic Bliss

Sharanu Pardeet, voice; Rick Moody, programming.

2. Ever So Sweet

Anna M. Saxon, voice; Rick Moody, programming.

3. Stereotyping

Rick Moody, typing, programming.

3. Veil Poem

Hannah Marcus, Music
Rick Moody, Voice and Text
Produced by Hannah Marcus and Rick Moody

3. BackRack

Amy Dissanayake, Piano, Voice
David Rakowski, Composition
Rick Moody, Programming
(This is a mangled, backwards version of a David Rakowski piano etude.)

3. AnDuh

Voices Unknown
Rick Moody, Programming
(Made from a answering machine recording given to me by Julie Shapiro of the Third Coast Festival.)

4. Long Short Wave

Rick Moody, Short Wave Radio, Programming

5. Accidental Poem

Rick Moody, found text, voice, field recordings, production/engineering.

6. Pirate Station (Antipodean Mix)

Rick Moody, text
John Lurie, voice,
Sherre Delys, sound, music, production/engineering.

7. Canon for Fred Tomaselli

Rick Moody, text, voice.
Hannah Marcus, music, sound, engineering.
Produced by Rick Moody and Hannah Marcus.
Originally broadcast on "The Next Big Thing."
(Thanks to Dean Olsher and Emily Botein.)

8. Moist Vs. Dry: Octopus - Sherre DeLys and Rick Moody

Sherre DeLys: Voice, Text, Production, Field Recordings
Chris Abrahams: Music
Rick Moody: Conceptual Apparatus, Video

8. Moist Vs. Dry: Cholla - Rick Moody and Sherre DeLys

Rick Moody: Voice, Text, Conceptual Apparatus, Video
Sherre DeLys: Production, Field Recordings
Chris Abrahams: Music

9. Symptom Book

Rick Moody: voice, texts, sounds
Kurt Hoffman: sounds, production

10. Boys

Text: Rick Moody
Music: Meredith Monk
Voice: Julia Slavin
Produced by Rick Moody, Meredith Monk, and Dean Olsher

Originally broadcast in 2000 on "The Next Big Thing," on WNYC-FM.

11. Alamo

Text: Rick Moody
Music, Editing, Directing, Engineering: Bruce Odland
Voices: Various
Produced by Bruce Odland, Rick Moody, Curtis Fox, and Dean Olsher

Originally broadcast in 2002 on "The Next Big Thing," on WNYC-FM.

12. Pianoless Vexations

Rick Moody, Tianna Kennedy & Hannah Marcus (17'28")

Rick Moody played guitar and sang.
Hannah Marcus played violin, tambourine, and sang.
Tianna Kennedy played cello and sang.

Words were composed by Rick Moody and mainly attempted to ape the spirit of the original music. Our idea was a sort of modified Old Time band playing the piece as though it were a music hall favorite from the fifties. We were occasionally successful, at least in the pizzicato sections.

From Pianoless Vexations in UbuWeb Sound

""These pieces represent a small sampling of the audio work that I've done over the years. I started making audio when I bought a copy of the Sonic Foundry editing software package known as Acid. I think it was in 1999 or 2000. Simultaneously, Dean Olsher and Emily Botein, who at the time produced a radio program on WNYC called "The Next Big Thing," since rendered lamentably dormant, gave me a chance to broadcast some of my audio experiments. They also put me in touch with some amazing collaborators. Almost all of these pieces were made with musicians and sound artists who know a lot more than I do about how to make art of this kind. Among them: the great Kurt Hoffman (once of the Ordinaires, etc.); Australian radio's pre-eminent audio artist, Sherre Delys; her partner and collaborator Chris Abrahams, and my band mate (in the Wingdale Community Singers) and songwriting collaborator Hannah Marcus. They really deserve more than half the credit. There's some other work that I hope to add to this archive down the road a piece. So stay tuned."

-- Rick Moody

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