Antonio Muntadas (b. 1942)

STADIUM (1988)
  1. STADIUM - The Installation, 30:40
  2. STADIUM - Nine Variations On A Theme Of The French Revolution, 11:20
  3. STADIUM - Stone Steps, 6:06
  4. STADIUM - Charisma By Big Dog 1, 6:04
    Brian Dyson And Paul Woodrow
    Performer – Big Dog 1
    Remix – Rod Brisson
  5. STADIUM - Drum, 4:48 Maurice Methot
    Voice – Marjorie Montano


This compact disc works in parallel to Muntadas' exhibition STADIUM. Just as the installation is open-ended, the audio recording offers various interpretations on the subject by five composers/sound artists.

STADIUM - The Installation
Muntadas, New York, NY, 1988
Soundtrack for the installation explores and refers to the mediated relationship between the event and the audience.

STADIUM - Nine Variations On A Theme Of The French Revolution
Michael Century, Banff, Alberta, 1988
This experiment in 'textual variations on a musical theme' employs the following source materials: music and text from Aux manes de la Gironde, a revolutionary hymn composed for the fete of October 3, 1795 by Gossec; the words and voice of Glenn Gould, from a Glenn Gould Fantasy (1980, CBS) and the words and voice of Simon Srebnik, taken from the film Shoah (1985), directed by Claude Lanzmann.

STADIUM - Stone Steps
Bentley Jarvis, London, Ontario 1988
This piece is concerned with the natural erosion of man-made structures over long periods of time.

STADIUM - Charisma By Big Dog 1
Brian Dyson and Paul Woodrow, Calgary, Alberta 1988
This piece implies a relationship between sexual frustration, emotional inadequacy, megalomania, and the collective orgasmic emotional release (bordering on mass hysteria) frequently witnessed in stadium based events such as religious revival meetings, bullfights, football games and political rallies.

Maurice Methot, Fall River Massachusetts 1988
Examines the possibilities of juxtaposing unrelated elements to establish new tonal and rhythmic relationships creating a visceral experience similar to the sensation of mass hysteria.