Joseph Nechvatal (b. 1951)

1. viral symphOny (28'09")

Joseph Nechvatal : original concept viral structures
Mathew Underwood : nano, micro, meso and macro structures
Andrew Deutsch : meso and macro structures
Stephane Sikora : C++ programming

Produced at The Institute for Electronic Arts
Steven Mygind Pedersen : IEA project technician
Joseph Nechvatal : visual artwork
(c) Joseph Nechvatal 2007

Post-conceptual digital artist and theoretician Joseph Nechvatal pushes his experimental investigations into the blending of computational virtual spaces and the corporeal world into the sonic register. Realtime "field recordings" of the audio manifestations of his custom created computer viruses have been reworked and reprocessed by Andrew Deutsch and Matthew Underwood, resulting in the sonic landscape of the Ôviral symph0ny'. With resonances of Yasunao Tone, Fluxus, Oval, and Merzbow, this 28-minute composition is supplemented by a further 50 minutes of audio, comprising the original raw data field recordings.

- Steven Mygind Pedersen
Institute for Electronic Arts,
School of Art & Design,
NYSCC @ Alfred University

2. murmuring tOngue Of Ovid (20:53)

murmuring tOngue Of Ovid is the second movement of Joseph Nechvatal's viral symphOny. It is based on a recording Nechvatal made of Jane Smith reading from Ovid's poem Metamorphosis in 1985. Mathew Underwood has collaborated with Nechvatal on murmuring tOngue Of Ovid using sections from the viral symphOny as nano, micro, meso and macro material.

Joseph Nechvatal : original concept, viral structures, & synthesizer
Mathew Underwood : nano, micro, meso and macro structures
Stephane Sikora : C++ viral programming
Ovid's Metamorphosis: text
Jane Smith: voice

20:53 minutes
(c) Joseph Nechvatal 2008