Arne Nordheim (1931-2010)

Various Tracks
  1. Arne Nordheim - Epitaffio (10:12)
  2. Arne Nordheim - Response I (17:50)

Track 1-2 from Musique Électronique Norvègienne

After graduating from the Oslo Academy of Music in 1952, Arne Nordheim took further private lessons in composition from Vagn Holmboe, and in electrophonics in Bilthoven where he developed a particular interest in musique concrète. He subsequently spent much time between 1967 and 1972 studying electronic music in Warsaw, which resulted in Pace (1970), a commission from Polish Radio. Although Nordheim’s explorations into the potential of sound were far-reaching, he was never preoccupied with sound per se. Nordheim perceived sound as an expressive resource – a means of rediscovering forgotten spiritual truths, through a highly personal idiom that remained independent of any particular school or ideology.