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Bad Baby (2009)

1. Bad Baby

Recorded over two sessions, one in a studio space in Brighton which was once a public toilet, the other in my daughters bedroom. Both me and Dan recorded our vocals separately and these were later edited together by Luke Younger (of Birds Of Delay).

""Vocals by Dylan Nyoukis and Dan Spicer. Recorded, edited and composed by Luke Younger for an installation at Middlesex University."

Four Fiddles, Four Throats (2009)

1. Four Fiddles, Four Throats

A live performance with Lizzy Carey, F.Ampim and Daniel Spicer. Each player on voice and violin. An Improvisation. Recorded at The West Hill Community Hall in 2009.

Live At The Battersea Arts Centre, London (2009)

  • Excerpt from Performance

    "Excerpt from a live performance with Phil Minton which was part of the Adam Bohman curated 'New Year, New Sounds' week of improvised music. I had to have a friend drive me up to London just after some of the worst snow storms in the south for many years. We made it up suprisingly easy, but our good ju-ju was to run dry on the reurn home, as we were pulled over by some real horrendous traffic cops, then got lost, then had the car pack in on us several miles from Brighton. Despite standing on a freezing snow covered embankment of the motorway in the wee small hours of the morning waiting on rescue, I couldn't stop smiling." - Dylan Nyoukis

    The Phonetic Leech (2008)

    1. Track 1

    2. Track 2

    3. Track 3

    Collaboration with F.Ampism recorded just prior to an appearance at the Input festival at the Baltic in Newcastle. Released as a limited edition CD-R.

    Live At Colour Out Of Space (2008)

  • Track 1

    Recording of a trio with Adam Bohman and Ali Roberston at The Colour Out Of Space Festival In Brighton, previously unreleased.

    The Throat is Pregnant (2008)

    1. Track 1

    2. Track 2

    3. Track 3

    4. Track 4

    5. Track 5

    Side of a split LP with Dennis Tyfus, released on his Ultra Eczema label out of Belgium in an edition of 250 copies. Recorded late 2005, early 2006. "All voice, straight & manipulated, guest vocals: Elkka Reign Nyoukis"

    Inside Wino Lodge (2008)

  • Side One

  • Side Two

    Vinyl LP released By No Fun Recordings of New York in an edition of 300 copies. 'Wino Lodge' is a dreamed up place, this LP is meant to soundtrack the listener stumbling through the Lodge, with each 'track' a seperate room.

    Side 1
    Damp Hallway & Counting
    Homebrewed Cloud
    Denies Indigo Owl
    Two Periods Of Strange Eating

    Side 2
    The Festering Lab
    To Polygamous Pond
    Wood Gin Sideline
    These Throats, Your Feathers

    Dubbeltwee (2008)

    1. Scheurmannen (ig take)

    2. Ballerman (pause take)

    3. Halfway Between The Pension & The Wreath (last take)

    Three tracks taken from the Collaboration LP with Jaap Blonk, released on Ecstatic Peace in 2008 in an edition of 400, but recorded sometime around 2001.

    ""Here is one of the most anticipated head-scratching meeting-of-the-(insane) minds recordings ever rumored to have existed: the blabber-gunk vocalistix of Chocolate Monk honcho and musical zone/zap improv outsider and founder of Decaer Pinga (nee Prick Decay) DYLAN NYOUKIS and the high-energy consistently startled and startling voicebox-tongue shredder JAAP BLONK. Nyoukis from the UK and Blonk from The Netherlands bash heads and gums together to splat out a relentless and rapacious slew of ululation and indescribable utterance. If vocal duo improv of the most bizarre order is yr meat then pull a stool up to this table and get a snoot full o' what-the-fuck. Wicked weirdness." - Ecstatic Peace

    Visions Versions (2007)

    1. MMM1

    2. Precog Drift

    3. Tapes Tongue

    4. ////

    5. MMM2

    6. Murk Visions

    7. Mysteria Mystica Maxima

    Collaboration with local Brighton lunks Towering Breaker, released as a CD-R in an edition of 100 on Blackest Rainbow Records.

    Owl Tapes (2006)

    1. Live At The Engine Room, Brighton, March 4th, 2006. Two Microphones and Two Reel to Reels

    2. Interlude

    3. Live Piece For Voice, Reel to Reels and Oscillator

    First track here was a live set incorporating two microphones and an attempt at hooking up two reel to reels as a time-lag accumulator. Released as a CD-R on Chocolate Monk in 2006.

    Norse Fungi Festivus (2003)

  • A Live Piece for Voice and Prepared Tape

    Recorded just prior to an appearance at The No Fun Fest in New York in 2003 and released as a CD-R on Chocolate Monk.

    Sugar: The Other White Meat (2003)

    1. The Galloping fingers of Biscuit Meek

    2. Interested In Fashion, Harmonica?

    Two Thirds of the collaboration LP with Alvarius B (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls). The first track is solo, while the second track is a collaboration with myself and Alan. The original concept for the LP was hatched by Harmony Korine (see notes below), and you can hear a couple of answer machine message he left for Alan in this piece. The LP also included several solo pieces by Alavrius B (not included here). It was released in 2003 by New Yorks Catsup Plate records in an edition of 500." - Dylan Nyoukis Sugar: the Other White Meat brings together two of the central figures of underground sound-whatzit and general audio curiosities: Alvarius B (of Sun City Girls fame) and Dylan Nyoukis (one-half of the UK's Decaer Pinga/Prick Decay). Side A of the LP features each of the two in solo mode: Alvarius with five songs of varying length and Dylan with one twelve minute piece. The B side of the LP is a side-long collaborative track.

    "Sugar was originally conceived by Harmony Korine to be a four-way split between Alvarius, Nyoukis, Will Oldham, and Absalom (Korine's "White Metal" band). But Korine went MIA and Oldham hadn't heard of the project when Dylan asked him about it later. By this point, Alvarius and Dylan had already finished their respective contributions and, rather than scrap the project altogether, decided to create a collaborative piece to take up the missing second side of the LP. Dylan sent over source material, which Alvarius cut, spliced and mixed in with his own sound sources (including some drunken answering machine messages from Mr. Korine).

    So what's the listener to expect from this stew? Those familiar with Alvarius B will find much of his range represented in his five songs: quasi-ethnic ramblings, wordless vocal ramblings (w/the TV on in the background), Django-esque guitar runs, and the absolutely amazing and unclassifiable "DJ South Bitch," which is sort of all of the above. Dylan's solo contribution continues in the vein of his Shield That Pierces the Earth album, with a simple sanshin underpinning that eventually gives way to subtle tape manipulation, musique concrete, and generally engaging, but head scratching sounds of all sorts. The collaborative piece runs the gamut over its 24+ minute duration: broken electronics, field recordings near a gas 'n' sip (or some such), shortwave radio, actual songs (!), the aforementioned answering machine rant, ambient cafeteria noise, thunderstorms — you know, pretty much everything." - CatsupPlate Records

    Bruno Willis Pussy Hands (2003)

  • Bruno Willis Pussy Hands

    A duo with Milche Grand recording at The Foundry in London sometime in 2002, opening up for Dead Machines. Released in 2003 on American tapes as a limited edition CD-R of 60 copies. Technical difficulities cut the set short.

    Chewing Smoke (2003)

    1. The Current Situation In Venezuela

    2. The Humming Hand

    3. Make No Mistake About It

    A postal collaboration with Carlos Giffoni from 2003, released as a CD in an edition of 500 by Belgian label Imvated.

    The Sheild that Piearces the Earth (2000)

    1. The Lonely Way To Go-Go (variation on a theme by Neil Campbell)

    2. Morgue, Newness

    3. The Snout Of A Zoom Lens

    Three tracks taken from the LP released by Catsup Plate in an edition of 300. For the curious amoungst you, the 'theme' of Neil Campbells was for the performer to lie in the bath and sing along to tape loops of their own voice.

    Various Tracks

    I Will Give You Translation World In Which You're A Rotting Corpse Of A Run-over Dog In Some Ditch (2009)

    One side of split c-23 cassette with Nackt Insecten released on his own Sick Head label out of Glasgow. The tape is a tribute to P K Dicks “The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch".

    Late Night Vocal Gravy (2008)

    The final track from the four track 'Carrion Hut' CD-R, which came with alongside 60 copies of the 'Inside Wino Lodge' LP.

    Recorded 6th December 2007 (2008)

    Taken from the 'Usurper with Dylan Nyoukis & Dora Doll' CDr on Unverified Records again. Two live collaboration sets with Usurper recorded at Henrys Cellar Bar in Edinburgh several months apart, one with myself, the other with my sister (and former partner in crime with prick Decay/Decaer Pinga) Dora Doll.

    Grubby Spirit Of Ear (2008)

    Taken from 'The Speech Organs' compilation released on tremendous Unverified Records label out of Edinburgh.

    Dirt Hymn (2009)

    Taken from 'The Speech Organs' compilation released on tremendous Unverified Records label out of Edinburgh.

    Going Off (2008)

    Live improvisation with Fritz Welch recorded at Fitzherberts in Brighton sometime in 2008.

    Live at Zuma (2007)

    Live at Fitzherberts (2007)

    Two solo live sets recorded a couple of days apart in March 2007.

    Spiritual Mold (2006)

    Solo track from the Anla Courtis & Dylan Nyoukis 'Fight The Pyramids' CD-R on Chocolate Monk, which also included a Solo Anla track and a recording of a live collaboration.

    Excerpt 1 (2003)
    Excerpt 2 (2003)

    A collaboration with Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac), originally intended as a 10" vinyl release on Hells Half Halo records, however the brains behind that operation went a bit doolalee, the label folded and the record never materialised.

    A Padded Suit For Ego Misters Girlfriend (2000)

    A postal collaboration with Damian Bisciglia (Points Of Friction, Agog) which appeared on the Chocolate Monk cassette compilation 'White Music'.

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