Frank O'Hara (1926-1966)

1. Poem / Poem (1:45)

Recorded by Eugene Brooks + Jerry Newman, NYC, Sept. 1963
from Big Ego (Giorno Poetry Systems)

2. Adieu Norman, Bonjour to Joan and Jean Paul from Lunch Poems (3:07)

recorded SUNY Buffalo, NY, Sept. 1964
from Dial-A-Poem Poets Disconnected (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1972)

3. Having a Coke with You from "The Love Poems" (3:53)

Recorded WNET-TV, Poetry: U.S.A., 1966
from Biting off the Tongue of a Corpse (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1975)

4. Ode to Joy, To Hell With It

Ode to Joy, To Hell With It from Dial-A-Poem Poets (Giorno Poetry Systems)

5. To the Film Industry in Crisis

3:50, with Jane Freilicher and John Gruen on piano. Recorded by The Evergreen Review, NY, May 11, 1959 from Totally Corrupt (Giorno Poetry Systems)