Pauline Oliveros (b. 1932)

1. Pathways to Grandmothers, Parts 1 & 2

Broadcast on KPFK, Close Radio, January 5, 1978
Part 1: 1 hr. 14 min.
Part 2: 15 min. 24 sec.
A meditative accordion concert by the musician who started the "deep listening" movement.

2. SV+PO+JM (19:33)

3. SV+PO+JM (25:31)

Tracks 2-3 Two edits from an unreleased CD by Stephen Vitiello in collaboration with Pauline Oliveros and Joe McPhee. Pauline is playing accordion. Joe is playing a pocket trumpet. Stephen is doing live processing, samples and final edits. From Stephen Vitiello's UbuWeb page.

4. Sound Patterns

From Extended Voices (1968)

5. Music with Roots in the Aether (1975)

Audio from video: Landscape with Pauline Oliveros (Interview)

Audio from video: The Music of Pauline Oliveros

6. Pauline Oliveros – Alien Bog (Excerpt) 6:22

In 1960 Pauline Oliveros together with Ramon Sender began a series of concerts devoted to tape music, group improvisation and theater. The concert series was called Sonics and was based at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The tape music was produced in a modest studio at the Conservatory which Sender had devised. Sender and Oliveros were joined by visual artist Anthony Martin and composer/performer Morton Subotnick during the concert series. Sender and Subotnick co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1962. In 1966 Oliveros and Martin became the first Co-directors of the Tape Music Center at Mills College. Oliveros joined the Music Faculty at the University of California at San Diego in 1967 teaching Electronic Music and Experimental Studies. Since 1981 Oliveros has been working as a free lance composer, performer and consultant based in New York. Currently, and in addition to her own Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Oliveros has co-founded the Good Sound Foundation together with John M. Grey, James A. Moorer and Loren Rush. Alien Bog was composed in real-time

in August, 1967, at the Mills Tape Music Center using the Buchla prototype 100 Series Modular Electronic Music System. It was part of a series of 'Bog' pieces inspired by listening to the frogs and creatures in the pond just outside the studio window at Mills. Alien Bog was premiered during a twelve-hour Tape-a-thon Concert of Oliveros works presented by Ronald Chase in his Embarcadero studio in August, 1967.

The Buchla Electronic Music System used for this piece has been documented as the world's first modular, voltage-controlled, portable electronic music instrument, later to be known as a 'synthesizer'. It still exists at the Mills Center for Contemporary Music today.

From Music From Mills (1986)

Pauline Oliveros in UbuWeb Film