Roman Opalka (1931-2011)

1965/1-∞ (1977)

1. Side A: Detail 1897108-2010495 (22:10)
2. Side B: Detail 2136352-2154452 (20:43)

Published 1977, Edition Rene Block, Berlin in an edition of 400 LPs

1965/1-∞ (1992)

1. 1965/1-∞ (22:10)

Published by Museum Weserburg, 1992

In my attitude, which constitutes a program for my lifetime, progression registers the process of work, documents and defines time.

Only one date appears, 1965, the date when the first "detail" came into being, followed by the sign of infinity, as well as the first and last number of the given "detail".

I am counting progressively from one to infinity, on "details" of the same format ("voyage notes" excluded), by hand, with a brush, with white paint on a grey back ground, with the assumption that the background of each successive "detail" will have 1% more white than the "detail" before it. In connection with this, I anticipate the arrival of the moment when "details" will be identified in white on white.

Every "detail" is accompanied by a phonetic registration on a tape recorder and a photographic documentation of my face.

-- Roman Opalka