Oral Complex at the L.M.C.

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(Writers Forum Cassette No. 4), 1983

  1. Oral Complex: Approaching Guinnlessness

  2. Clive Fencott: London Building & Home Improvement

  3. John Whiting: Test Run

  4. Clive Fencott: East Coast/West Coast

  5. Bob Cobbing: Trigram

  6. Bob Cobbing: Blotting Music

  7. Oral Complex: Lotta Bottle

  8. Clyde Dunkob Hydrophonics on Three Levels - Symphony Number One

Oral Complex at the L.M.C.

Writers Forum Cassette No. 4, Sept. 1983

This is a virtually unedited recording of a live improvised performance at the London Musicians Collective on Friday 13th May 1983

Approaching Guinnlessness by Oral Complex; London Building & Home Improvement by Clive Fencott; Test Run by John Whiting; East Coast/West Coast by Clive Fencott

Trigram by Bob Cobbing; Blotting Music by Bob Cobbing; Lotta Bottle by Oral Complex; Hydrophonics on Three Levels - Symphony Number One by Clyde Dunkob

VOICES: Bob Cobbing & Clive Fencott; ELECTRONICS: John Whiting; PRESENTED BY: Bill Millis (Eccentric Enterprises)

The recording of the quadrophonic performance is mixed down to stereo for this cassette. Treatment includes ring modulation, band pass filtering, digital & analog delay.