Charlemagne Palestine (b. 1945)

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Charlemagne At Sonnabend (2001)


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    First time available 2CD set art-edition of the Charlemagne Palestine performances at Sonnabend Gallery, New York City, 2001. Privately issued by the composer in collaboration with Sonnabend Gallery and issued in an edition of 300 signed copies in large silkscreened gatefold folio in 2002. This art edition was never officially distributed and after 10 years a limited amount of copies is now exclusively available for the first time from Alga Marghen. The first contact between Charlemagne Palestine and the Sonnabends took place in Paris with Simone Forti. It was 1972 and collaboration immediately started. Soon after Charlemagne created a sound installation at their gallery on rue Mazarine in Paris and then, when they decided to move to West Broadway Soho and leave Paris, they asked the composer to inaugurate their new Soho address by creating a double LP, the legendary “Four Manifestations On Six Elements”. The Sonnabends organised several concerts and installations with Charlemagne until the mid-1970s. Some time after the composer gave up performances and his sculpture was presented more in Europe than America.

    At the end of the 1990s a new meeting happened and the Sonnabends announced that they had decided to leave Soho for a bigger space in Chelsea and proposed again for Charlemagne Palestine to create a disc. This time it was agreed to record a series of performances done directly in their new space on 22nd street and so “Charlemagne at Sonnabend” was born.

    The first disc comprises a private performance recorded at their gallery two days before the concerts on a Sunday while the second disc presents the two live performances recorded on the following Tuesday and Wednesday middle of September 2001. All the performances are played on a Bosendorfer Imperial piano. -- Forced Exposure

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