Harry Partch (1901-1974)

Harry Partch, Series No. 1 (September 1, 1966)

The first in a series of programs produced by Peter Yates, highlighting the works of Harry Partch. This program begins with an excerpt from one of Partch's pieces followed by a 1960 interview of Partch by Peter Yates in which he discusses his career.

Harry Partch: 30 Years of Lyrical and Dramatic Music

A selection of songs by Harry Partch. The Poems by Li Po include: A midnight farewell; Before the cast of wine; An encounter in the field; On hearing the flute at Lo-cheng; The intruder; I am a peach tree. Windsong is an excerpt from the soundtrack for the film of the same name. It is a modern rendering of the ancient myth of Daphne and Apollo. The music is a collage of sounds, ten instruments are used with Partch playing nearly all the parts. For the studies on Greek scales Partch uses the five tone scale of Olympos and the seven tone enharmonic scale. The Mazda Marimba used in Bless this home, as made by a student in Industrial Design at the University of Illinois. It consisted of 24 light globes of varying sizes, with the insides removed and was played with light, soft mallets.

Harry Partch Memorial (September 5, 1974)

Charles Amirkhanian discusses the music and ideas of Harry Partch on the day after his death. Several examples of his work are played, in addition to brief reminiscences about the man by a number of notable composers and musicians that knew or were influenced by Partch.

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