Jane Philbrick

1. SW Harbor Songline, 2003-04

280-degree harbor view, Southwest Harbor, Maine. Audio landscape prosody sung notes set by transcribing shoreline and skyline on a musical staff, sung by musician Rebecca Gates. Installation 3 x 72 x18" wall-mounted wood shelf with seven embedded touch sensors; seven die-cast speakers, 7 x 4 x 3"; seven sound boards with eproms; digital image, 6 x 90" digital image, with map pins, wires, driver. On view in "Sound of Place/Place of Sound," Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Idaho, and "Sound Migration," Pacific Design Center, L.A. (2004).

2. Voix/e, 2003-04

"Voix/e" takes the erotic Biblical poem and internalizes its dialogue of love and seduction, examining the autoeroticism of prayer. Audio artist's recorded reading of the "Song of Solomon," with voice gendered using speech synthesis to speak bride, groom, and companion parts. The recordings are scanned digitally and separated, word for word phonemically, between the percussive consonants and the soft vowels and hard panned. When the recording is played back, the words, split phonemically, resolve themselves in the listener's body. Developed at the Center for Spoken Language Understanding, Oregon Graduate Institute. Installation two lightboxes, with color duratrans, 48 x 24 x 6; two inset alpine speakers, synthesized voice track, 9 1/2 mins. looped.; two companion lcd-screen dvds. On view at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, and Consolidated Works, Seattle (2004).

3. Re-Spoken (As a Wife Has a Cow), 2002-03

3,4 Re-Spoken (As a Wife Has a Cow), 2002-03 manipulated video and audio of Jesse Helms reciting a text, "A Wife Has a Cow" by Gertrude Stein, with text animation, approx. 8 1/2 mins., looped. Audio manipulated archival speech, developed using speech synthesis technology at the Center for Spoken Language Understanding, Oregon Graduate Institute. Installation computer monitor with speaker sticks; 16 wall mounted double-exposure video stills, with text, dimens. variable. On view in "Ameri(c)an Dre@m," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York (2003). and Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT (2004).

4. Re-Spoken (O God), 2003

Manipulated video clip of Pat Robertson having an orgasm on the phrase "O God," approx. 50 secs., looped. Audio manipulated archival sermons. Installation lcd screen, speakers, dvd, dvd player. On view in "Ameri(c)an Dre@m," Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York (2003).

5. Press, 2002

Grafitti tag with sound module, touch activated, and Sharpie(tm) on wall; 10-sec. riff on "jane," mixing Bowie's "Changes;" 3 x 2 1/2" approx. First presented at Cornell University (2000) and Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT (2004).

6. Window View, 2001

24-sec. excerpt. from28 cell phone speakers, wire, 3 cds, 3 cd players, 3 amplifiers, windows; 36 x 96" overall. Five discrete texts play simultaneously from individual speakers; on view at Islip Art Museum (2001).

7. The Valise, 1999-00/2004

Audio detective story featuring voices of 100 visual artists, with sound effects. Artists featured (in alphabetical order): Vinnie Angel, Janine Antoni, Jill Baroff, Bill Barette, Jean Blackburn, Randy Bolton, Lee Boroson, Frances Cape, Mary Carlson, Nancy Chunn, Claire Corey, Robert Cottingham, Renee Cox, Petah Coyne, Jamie Dalglish, Maureen Daugherty, Stella DeBoo, Pat DeGroot, Marion Delhees, Liz Deschennes, Carol Diehl, Rackstraw Downes, Chris Durante, Christian Eckhart, Amy Eshoo, Inka Essenhigh, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Roland Flexner, Carl Fudge, Peter Garfield, Charles Goldman, Jimmy Grashow, Zach Hadlock, Elana Herzog, Perry Hoberman, Lisa Hoke, Tayo Heuser, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Mary Keneally, Byron Kim, Richard Klein, Ross Knight, Bob Knox, Sam Kunce, Justen Ladda, Yeardley Leonard, Micah Lexier, Linda Lief, Charles Long, Casey Loose, Sharon Louden, Timothy Lutzman, Matthew McCaslin, Kathleen McShane, Christian Marclay, Karen Margolis, Melissa Marks, Georgia Marsh, Linda Matalon, Tony Matelli, Alex Melamid, Bob Mitchell, Cyrilla Mozenter, Angelina Nasso, Lisa Nichols, Roxy Paine, Frances Palmer, Harry Philbrick, Barbara Pollack, Peggy Preheim, Ernesto Pujol, Toni Putnam, Orit Raff, Paul Henry Ramirez, Michelle Segre, Andres Serrano, David Shaw, Alyson Shotz, Shazia Sikander, Laurie Simmons, John F. Simon, Jr., Rebecca Smith, Charles Spurrier, Allyson Strafella, Steed Taylor, Robin Tewes, Brian Tolle, Fred Tommaselli, Jim Torok, Francesc Torres, Mark Dean Vecca, Merril Wagner, Barbara Weissberger, two anonymous. 10 1/2-minute loop. Installation (2001) cds, cd players, 5 suspended headphones; (2004) 22 altered headphones suspended from overhead network, portable cds (7 90-sec. vocal tracks, 30 sound effects) . On view in solo exhibition, Bill Maynes Gallery, New York (2001), and Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT (2004).

8. Common Prayer, 2000-01

Audio voices of 12 clergymen individually recorded speaking the first 30-seconds of Rudolph Giuliani's Senate campaign withdrawal speech. Clergy: Reverend Roosevelt Ewell, Reverend Richard Gilchrist, Reverend Frank Greer, Father John Giuliani, Rabbi Geldfayah Jeremias, Rabbi Haddon, Reverend K.P. Hong, Reverend Daniel O'Connell, Reverend Stephen Philbrick, Reverend Barry Rosenberg, Reverend Joseph Washington, Reverend Randolph Weber. Installation each voice plays through its own speaker; sequenced to play randomly (3 voices, 10 voices, 11 voices, 5, and so on). Twelve 7 x 4 x 3" black die-cast speakers mounted on the wall, with 12 sound cards, wires, driver. On view in solo exhibition, Bill Maynes, New York (2001); featured in Chain 9: Dialogue (2002) and The Relay Project (2003)

9. Conversation Piece: Chandeliers, 1998

Directions 1

Fashion 1

Anger 1

Weather 1

Innuendo 1

Money 1

Love 1

Directions 2

Fashion 2

Anger 2

Weather 2

Innuendo 2

Money 2

Love 2

Directions 3

Fashion 3

Anger 3

Weather 3

Innuendo 3

Money 3

Love 3

Audio hard-panned right, "Plorans plorabit" (1605), by William Byrd, performed by 17-part Wilton High School Madrigal Singers, Patrick Taylor, director; left, 5 actors (Joyce Aaron, Julia Carroll, Chris McCann, Ann McDonough, Joseph Siravo) performing 7-part text; 21 1-minute performances; production with John Malone. Installation 2 chandeliers, revolving, illuminated, audio touch-activated by surface-mounted light switch, Scotch print, speakers, computer, wires; on view "Paullina Cupana, " Bill Maynes, New York (1998).