Psycho-Futurists Group

Poem from the almanac Me - Futuro-Miscellany of Universal Selfhood [Ya: Futur-almanakh vselenskoi samosti], 1914, 0'10". MP3
Voice – Ernest Peshkov
Recording – Miguel Molina, Audio Laboratory of the UPV Dpt. of Sculpture (Valencia, Spain)
Production Date – 2007

The psycho-futurists [psikho-futuristy] are a fictitious group which simply published an almanac called Me: Futuro-Miscellany of Universal Selfhood in the Russian province of Saratov in 1914. They called themselves "Multi-cornered" [Mnogougolnik] and drew up a manifesto that proclaimed "Psychofuturism" in which they parodied Ego-Futurism and Cubo-Futurism, appropriating their languages and making them grotesque. One of the poems is 'dedicated "with contempt and hate"' to Vladimir Mayakovsky and, as in the other poems they make use of a variety of recourses used by the futurists for their parodies: neologisms, onomatopoeias, zaum words, combinations of sounds, inverted narrative, archaisms, monosyllables or typographical games (in a pyramid, column or diamond shape). The example included in this recording corresponds to a series of zaum words used in a poem.

Zatirlikali lirlyuki,
peremereferknuli ferlyuki,
Perfergil' perefergul.

[mentioned by Efremov, transcription by Gerald Janacek]

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