The Residents

Baby Sex (1971)
Reel-To-Reel, ¼"

  1. We Stole This Riff 3:00
  2. Holelottadick 1:59
  3. Baby Sex 1:34
  4. Deep Sea Diver Song 4:09
  5. King Kong 3:16
  6. Cantaten To Der Dyin Prunen 6:06
  7. Something Devilish 4:29
  8. The Fourth Crucifixion 4:05
  9. Hallowed Be Thy Wean - 1971 8:56


The pre-sidents were doing a lot of recording as early as 1956 according to what they say.

At a later age they were greatly aided by a number of people both in San Mateo and in San Francisco. The all-girl group, The Singling Lawnchairs, contributed to many of the recordings as did Bob Tangney, Roland Sheehan, Jim Whitaker, PC Lithman, Zeibak and N. Senada.

Most of the experimental recordings have not been released and there are no current plans to do so.

Two conceptual albums were completed but not intended for the public. Both were recorded in San Mateo as the San Francisco studio was not added until 1972.

Warner Bros. Album 1970
Baby Sex 1971

A Residents 10 Year Retrospective (April 1, 1980)

One of the most dynamic groups in avant-garde rock music is San Francisco's own The Residents; an underground ensemble which has been composing anonymously and on tape since 1970. KPFA celebrates a decade of music by The Residents with this special three hour extravaganza hosted by Charles Amirkhanian and featuring Snakefinger (frequent guest artist with The Residents) and Jay Clem (promotion director for the group's label, Ralph Records). Tonight we’ll hear selections from the complete music on the Ralph Label and premiere the 12 inch 45 rpm disco arrangement of a tune from The Resident's smash hit album "Eskimo", it's called "Diskomo" and it's killer! Don't miss "Bach is Dead", "The Electrocutioner", "Constantinople", "santa Dog" and much, much more. This is the group that was Punk before Punk, No Wave before New Wave. Although the identity of the actual members of The Residents will remain a secret, you'll hear every wacky minute of their greatest hits on this program.

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