Marina Rosenfeld (b. 1968)

1. Emotional Orchestra

Commissioned by Electra as part of Her Noise
Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London
23 September 2005

New York based artist and composer Marina Rosenfeld presented a new performance for 40 female improvisors for an electro-acoustic string orchestra. Following a 2-day workshop involving London based musicians and non-musicians, participants performed Rosenfeld's animated improvisational score using an array of bowable instruments, including violins, cello, electric guitars, percussion and harp.

The 40 minute composition elicits extraordinary music-making, at turns brutal and delicate, from an ensemble of where many of the players will have never touched an instrument before. The work also features Rosenfeld's own graphic notation, in the form of video-animation, and a custom-designed garment created by New York fashion collective As Four.

Marina Rosenfeld in UbuWeb Film
Her Noise in UbuWeb Film
Presented in conjunction with Electra