Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (b. 1964)

Scanner: BBC Radio Works

1. The Human Voice (44:19)

Monologue by Jean Cocteau
Translated and updated by Anthony Wood
Transmitted on 14th February 1998
BBC Radio 3: Between the Ears
Produced by Susan Roberts.
With Harriet Walter (actress).
Sound design & everything else Scanner

A tour-de-force performance by Harriet Walter is the highlight of this production of Jean Cocteau's one-character play. Walter is a middle-aged woman who goes through a series of emotions while engaged in a phone conversation with her ex-lover, whom she suspects is talking to her from his new fiancee's house.

2. The Three Women (33:26)

The Three Women
Poetry by Sylvia Plath
Transmitted on 8th January 2000
BBC Radio 3: Between the Ears
Produced by Susan Roberts.
Voices are actresses Harriet Walter, Lindsey Duncan and Amanda Root.
Sound design & everything else Scanner

This is a long poem, subtitled "A Poem for Three Voices," and originally written for radio broadcast. It consists of three intertwining interior monologues, contextualized by a dramatic setting: "A Maternity Ward and round about." The three women of the title are patients, and each describes a different experience.

The First Voice is a (presumably) married woman who gives birth and takes her baby home during the course of the poem. The Second, a secretary, has a miscarriage, not her first, and the Third, a college student, gives birth after an unwanted pregnancy, and gives the baby up for adoption.

3. The Sounds of Love (26:15)

Transmitted on 13th February 2002
BBC Radio Scotland
Produced by Amanda Hargreaves
Sound design & everything else Scanner

The programme features the following wild creatures:

Bats; Albatrosses; Tungler frogs; Asian Lions; Billygoats; Mute Swans; Elephants; Puerto Rican Tree Frogs; Peacocks; Swallows; Beluga Whales; Capuchin Birds; Blue Tits; Cats; Bees; Grey Lions; Toads; Satin Bowerbirds; Grey Seals; Hammer Headed Fruit Bats; Swallow Gulls and Elephant Seals

.... and the following humans:
Matt Thompson - a radio producer; Maxine Grisley - a business woman; Jim Crumley - a nature writer; Tom McGrath - a playwright.

The internationally reknowned sound artist Scanner has composed an enchanting musical feature using the extraordinary sounds of love to be found in nature. The music and wildlife is interwoven with the voices of four humans describing their own feelings about the sounds of love.

4. The Woman With the Fork & Knife Disaster (43:58)

A compelling psychological thriller written by Jackie Kay
BBC Radio 3
Broadcast 7th August 2003

Irene Elliot has a cutlery disorder which sprung up on her quite suddenly in the house she shares with her daughter. Struggling with her adolescence, Mary Ann hates everything about her mother - blaming her for the day her father took a machete to his marriage and walked out ÉÉ

Now everything is tense. The cutlery's mixed up, and Mary Ann is turning into her father...

Irene................................Siobhan Redman
Mary Ann.............................Julie Austin
The Doctor...........................Clive Russell

With music, and the voice of the cutlery composed by Scanner
Directed in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

Jackie Kay was born in Edinburgh in 1961 and grew up in Glasgow. She has published three collections of poetry, the first of which The Adoption Papers won the Saltair and Forward Prizes. The second, Other Lovers, won the Somerset Maugham Award. Her first novel, Trumpet, won the Author's Club first novel award and the Guardian Fiction Prize and was dramatised for radio by the author. She has also written for television Twice Through The Heart was a poetry documentary for BBC2 and became an English National Opera song cycle. Jackie currently presents Radio 4's contemporary poetry series 'Word on the Street'.

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