Michael Schumacher (b. 1955)

  1. thinking about nothink RADIOCOLLAGE 2009 & 2011
  2. STOLEN GUITARS remix one (2011)
  3. STOLEN GUITARS remix two (2011)
  4. STOLEN GUITARS remix three (2011)

I make radioshows for free radiostations in germany.

Music, moderation, music, a half hour radioshow, every month new, and it is called Ghostdriver.

Sometimes I am looking for special sound, noises and other stuff.

Nr.1 is one production from 2009, mixed again 2011, just for a webside, where I was thinking about nothink, and looking for radioshowsound.

Nr.2-4 are stolen sound from Remko J. H. Scha, produced in 1982, called Machine Guitars, on ubuweb.

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