David Shrigley | U.K. (b. 1968)

Late Night Tales Presents Shrigley Forced to Speak With Others (2006)

  1. Rock Festival
  2. Eggs
  3. Loathsome
  4. I Am Good
  5. Snowman
  6. Doctors
  7. Our Children
  8. The Jist
  9. Sawing
  10. What There Is
  11. Questions
  12. My Beer
  13. Clumsy Father / You Don't Love Me
  14. Don'ts
  15. Hopping And Wiggling
  16. Scribble

Recorded at Shrig's House + Martin's House

Written by David Shrigley

Audio by Martin Young

A1 Rock Festival
Guitar - John Shankie
Voice - Steven Sutcliffe
A2 Eggs
Voice - Leigh Ferguson, Vrnda Daktor
A3 Loathsome
Voice - Gavin Mitchell
A4 I Am Good
Voice - Suzy Harvey, Vrnda Daktor
A5 Snowman
Voice - Gavin Mitchell
A6 Doctors
Voice - Holger Mohaupt , Suzy Harvey
A7 Our Children
Voice - Kim McKinney , Suzy Harvey , Vrnda Daktor
A8 The Jist
A9 Sawing
B1 What There Is
Voice - Alex Spaulding , Isaac Philipz-Young , Rafla Halldorsdottir , Sanjeev Kohli , Stan Shepherd
B2 Questions
B3 My Beer
B4 Clumsy Father / You Don't Love Me
Voice - Suzy Harvey
B5 Don'ts
Voice - Duncan Campbell (2)
B6 Hopping And Wiggling
B7 Scribble

Late Night Tales presents David Shrigley – Forced to Speak with Others, the first collection of audio offerings from acclaimed British satirical artist, David Shrigley. Released this October Forced to Speak with Others features Shrigley’s dark rhetoric to a backing of dark melodies, ominous percussion and playful sounds. This collection of tracks can only be described as weird and wonderful… or perhaps bizarre and slightly unhinged or maybe brilliant and genius?

Shrigley has penned 14 tracks of spoken word stories and mutterings on subjects as diverse as Satan’s apocalyptic rock concert, giant hairy children, ludicrously clumsy fathers and an insect that desires to lays eggs inside someone’s brain.

Fans of The Book of Shrigely, followers of his sketches in The Guardian Saturday Magazine and those who have experienced his shows will recognise Shrigley’s signature wry observation and absurdist vision on this unique LP. Those uninitiated to Shrigley’s world can expect to find themselves laughing out loud at the bizarre offerings or frowning quizzically at his sometimes sinister musings.

The artist forces us to reconsider clichés, confront the horrible and laugh at the utter absurdity of everyday life. From the tale of a sinister hospitals voiced by a fearful narrator in ‘Doctor’, to the noise of a felt tip pen in ‘Scribble’ and the desperate affirmation of goodness set to the backing of what sounds like a grave being dug in ‘I am Good’.

We are left feeling like we’ve been on a rollercoaster, a car journey and an choppy boat ride through the, tunnels roads and rivers of his imagination. The choice of narrators, many disturbing, some demanding, some fearful, and a few angry, convey these stories fantastically.

The LP came about as a result of the tracks Shrigely wrote for the end of a number of Late Night Tales albums. The stream of seemingly never-ending, witty observations that Shrigely produced for these albums naturally led to a collection of tracks all of his own work, presented of course, with the artists signature stick- man illustrations.

David Shrigley, Artist, comments; “I am a man with things to say. Some of the most important things that I have said have been recorded here for future generations to enjoy after my death. They have been set to music to make them more enjoyable.”

This LP is a limited edition of 500 vinyl copies only world wide and it also features a specially designed pull out poster by David Shrigley himself!!

David Shrigley was born in Macclesfield on 17 September 1968, the younger of two children born to Rita (née Bowring) and Joseph Shrigley. Shrigley grew up in Oadby, Leicestershire, England. He attended City of Leicester Polytechnic's Art and Design course in 1987-1988, and subsequently studied Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art from 1988-1991.

Although he works in various media, he is best known for his mordantly humorous cartoons released in softcover books or postcard packs.

Like the poet Ivor Cutler, Shrigley finds humour in flat depictions of the inconsequential, the unavailing and the bizarre – although he is far fonder of violent or otherwise disquieting subject matter. Shrigley's work has two of the characteristics often encountered in outsider art – an odd viewpoint, and (in some of his work) a deliberately limited technique. His freehand line is often weak, which jars with his frequent use of a ruler; his forms are often very crude; and annotations in his drawings are poorly executed and frequently contain crossings-out (In authentic outsider art, the artist has no choice but to produce work in his or her own way, even if that work is unconventional in content and inept in execution. In contrast, it is likely that Shrigley has chosen his style and range of subject matter for comic effect).

As well as authoring several books, he directed the video for Blur's "Good Song" and also for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow". Since 2005, he has contributed a cartoon for The Guardian's Weekend magazine every Saturday. He is represented in Paris by the Yvon Lambert Gallery,[1] and in 2005 designed a London Underground leaflet cover.

In 2006, Shrigley's first spoken-word album Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others was released by Azuli Records. In October 2007, Tomlab released Worried Noodles, a double-CD of artists including David Byrne, Islands, Liars, Grizzly Bear, Mount Eerie, R. Stevie Moore and Final Fantasy putting Shrigley's 2005 book of the same name to music. Moore went on to record an entire album of new songs set to Shrigley's Worried Noodles lyrics called Shrigley Field.

His spoken-word readings are used on the Late Night Tales series of recordings, with a track from Shrigley closing each album.

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