Source - Music of the Avant-Garde

1. Robert Ashley - THE WOLFMAN 15:33

2. David Behrman - WAVE TRAIN 15:32

3. Larry Austin - ACCIDENTS 17:16

4. Allan Bryant - PITCH OUT 17:45

5. Alvin Lucier - I AM SITTING IN A ROOM 15:23

6. Arthur Woodbury - VELOX 10:19

7. Mark Reiner - PHLEGETHON 05:12

8. Larry Austin - CARITAS 15:13

8. Stanley Lunetta - moosack machine 15:15

10. Lowell Cross - VIDEO II BCL 15:29

11. Arrigo Lora Totino - english phonemes 1970 15:05

12. Anna Lockwood - TIGER BALM 10:37

12. Alvin Curran - MAGIC CARPET



[ From Deep Listening's website ]

The greatest publication ever on Avant Garde music. These 'magazines' measure 14" x 11" and each one is chock full of articles and pictures by the leading composers of Electronic & Avant Garde music from the 60s-included in many of them are 10" 33rpm records featuring compositions of select composers-and SCORES-many of them complete-not just on paper but on mylar, pieces of fur, overlappings, IN COLOR etc. It is a true multi-media magazine. Words cannot describe this great magazine.

ISSUE NUMBER 4-Robert Ashley; Larry Austin; David Behrman; Mario Bertoncini; Allan Bryant; John Cage; Lowell Cross; Jocy de Oliveira; Lukas Foss; Lejaren Hiller; Ben Johnston; Udo Kasemets. Included are 2 10" records-featuring: Robert Ashley-THE WOLFMAN; David Behrman-WAVE TRAIN; Larry Austin-ACCIDENTS; Allan Bryant-PITCH OUT;

ISSUE NUMBER 5-Anna Lockwood; Christian Wolff; Dick Higgins; Stanley Lunetta; Robert Erickson; Jon Hassell; Arthur Woodbury; Andrew Stiller; R. Murray Schafer; Max Newhaus; Barney Childs; The New Percussion Quartet

ISSUE NUMBER 6-Dick Higgins; Phillip Corner; Jani Christou; Harold Budd; John Dinwiddie; Alvin Lucier; John Mizelle; Fredric Rzewski; Daniel Lentz; David Rosenbloom; Morton Feldman; Roger Reynolds; Joel Gutsche

ISSUE NUMBER 7 & 8-This is a DOUBLE ISSUE! John Cage; Alvin Sumsion; John Dinwiddie; Ben Johnston; Ed Kobrin; Dick Higgins; Arthur Woodbury; Barry Spinello; Pauline Oliverso; Mark Riener; Robert Moran; Keith Muscutt; Allen Strange;AlvinLucier; Jocy de Oliveira;Morton Feldman; David Tudor-MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE. ALSO INCLUDED-a John Cage score:PLEXIGRAM IV on PLEXIGLASS. + 2 more RECORDS: Alvin Lucier-I AM SITTING IN A ROOM & Arthur Woodbury-VELOX; and Larry Austin-CARITAS w/Stanley Lunetta-MOOSACK MACHINE

ISSUE NUMBER 9-Lowell Cross; Arrigo Lora-Tontino; Ed Kobrin; Alvin Curran; Anna Lockwood; Nicolas Slonimsky + 2 MORE RECORDS: Lowell Cross-VIDEO II &/Arrigo Lora-Totino-ENGLISH PHONEMES & Alvin Curran-MAGIC CARPET &/Anna Lockwood-TIGER BALM. The score for FUR MUSIC is enclosed with real fur.

ISSUE NUMBER 10-Alvin Lucier; Stuart Marshall; Steve Reich; Anthony Braxton; Mary Lucier; Pauline Oliveros; Scratch Orchestra; Naked Software-MUCH MORE

ISSUE NUMBER 11-Dora Maurer; tom Marioni; Per Kikeby; Endre Tot; Nam June Paik; Ken Friedman; Fluxus; Stu Horn; Christo; Max Neuhaus; Olaf Hanel; Dick Higgins-MUCH MUCH MORE!