Adriano Spatola

1. Hommage à Eric Satie (1976) (7:43)

L'orchestrazione Steve Lacy

Le voci di: Irene Aebi, Alain René Hardy, Giulia Niccolai, Adriano Spatola.

Agli oggetti: Irene Aebi (violino), Jean-Jacques Avanel (radiatore, flauto, vetri), Helene Hatier (chiavi e ragnella), Steve Lacy (sax, forbici e coltello), Adriano Spatola (macchina da scrivere). Recorded in 1976.

From the LP Futura Poesia Sonora (Cramps Records, Milan)

Since 1960 Adriano Spatola has been interested in the phenomena of the literary avant-garde with a particular propensity to surrealism, to the point of creating in Italy a quasi-current called "Para -Surrealism." Curious by temperament, he drew near to concretism with the poem "Zerogliflco" and analogous works which consisted in direct, manual cancellations of the printed character, symbolic destructions, to the point of dismemberment, of the alphabetical letter. Like certain researches of Franz Mon, Spatola's was an attempt to reduce the text visually to silence, to the blank page. The difference between Mon's "Testi-Supirficie" and Spatola's "decollages" is that, while Mon graphically rejects the articulations, Spatola aims at the elimination of the semantic content. It is not a coincidence that the phonic text bears the title "Hommage à Eric Satie," the "farceur" of music. The homage represents the rediscovery of the absolute freedom of play. It is possible to make poetry (or music) out of anything, especially out of zero, which etymologically also signifies cipher.