Varvara Stepanova (1894-1958)

4 sound paintings from the book Rtny Khomle, 1918, 0'46"
Voice – Karina Vagradova
Sound Composition – Leopoldo Amigo, Miguel Molina
Production Date – 2004
Varvara Stepanova, real name Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova (b. Kovno 1894 - d. Moscow 1958) was a painter, designer and poet associated with the Constructivist movement. She worked alongside her husband, the artist Alexander Rodchenko, considered one of the founders of Russian Productivism. In 1920, Stepanova transferred into paintings his book of "non-objective" poems, written with the intention of introducing "sound as a new quality in the painting of the graphical element" (Stepanova). Four of these "poem-painting-sound" pieces are spoken.

Russian Futurists from the GLM Collection (1920-1959)
Sound Experiments in The Russian Avant-Garde (1908-1942)