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The Grand Delusion (1993)

01 The American adventure

02 Primary delusion

03 America is confident

04 Lament

05 Frog story

06 Mind problems

07 Love

08 Home problems

09 Behold a republic

10 Grave implications

11 Great difficulties

12 Chilling

13 You have to participate

14 Candidate

15 Flowers for dead heroes

16 Thus

17 Back to the start

18 (more difficulties)

19 (the difference)

20 (mother)

21 (help)

At the time of its release in 1993, "The Grand Delusion" showed the Tape-beatles setting off in a new musical direction, delivering their most complex and ouright "musical" work to date. The signature found vocals and sound effects are still to be found, but to this they add energetic rhythms, urgent melodic patterns, and plaintive singing voices, using the same modified symphonic structure they applied to their previous major work, Music with Sound. Dean Suzuki, writing in Option no. 57, says:

""...The results are variously chilling, moving, humorous, tragic, outrageous, and always both provocative AND musical. The music works in concert with the spoken texts, just as the piano accompaniment comments upon and supports the text and melody of an art song by Schumann. There is a glut of musique concrete which is just so much noise, but a dearth of that which is as musical as this."

The CD includes the entire soundtrack of the Tape-beatles' PolyVision 'expanded cinema' piece, also called "The Grand Delusion". To this has been added a substantial amount of additional audio material to enrich the main themes, which center on how war today is waged as much in the psychological theatre as it is on the battlefield. This, the re-issued version, appearing seven years after its first release, adds some twenty minutes of never-before released works to the track sequence, augmenting the main themes of the work with valuable new contributions.

Composed by:
Linda Morgan Brown
Lloyd Dunn
John Heck
Ralph Johnson
Paul Neff

Performed by:
Linda Morgan Brown
Lloyd Dunn
John Heck
Ralph Johnson

Film by:
Lloyd Dunn

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