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Music with Sound (1990)

01 Beautiful state

02 Green blue beautiful place

03 Whole new animal

04 Different tool

05 Please help me

06 Positive will

07 Do you think it's an accident

08 Desire

09 Elevator music

10 Rah rah up and down

11 I can't help you at all sorry

12 I can't do it

13 Another blue night

14 More difficult

15 I'm waiting

16 Waves of waves

17 Earlids

18 Stress

19 Coma

20 Creditwise

21 From the tide or the wind

22 Scientists are working

23 Pens pencils stationery

24 The great inspiration

25 Architectural requirements

26 Message ...

27 'o' for frog

28 ... of rebellion

29 is the night Blue

30 XT92 007

31 Metro pulse

32 Know why

33 I can't play it

Music with Sound is probably the best-known of the Tape-beatles' works. First released in 1990, it demonstrates clear development from the crude musique-concrete techniques of their earlier work, making use of more sophisticated editing and mixing techniques. Beyond that, it also delves into challenging conceptual territory through their iconoclastic attitude towards such (then largely unquestioned) notions as copyright and artistic originality. Writing in Factsheet Five, August 1991, Phil Zampino clearly says:

""...If [the Tape-beatles' plagiarism] immediately offends you, one can only point out that the deft assemblages, amazing sense of timing, and the wit and wonder of the work justifies their methods and makes it a [recording] that one can only marvel at. And listen to over and over, discovering where your reference of sound and theirs collide."

Mark Frauenfelder, writing for bOING-bOING no. 7, says:

""By grabbing infonoise from everyday living and presenting it in a new format, sounds take on new meaning. Listen to this one time and you will become a Tape-beatle whether you want to be one or not."

As a completely Plagiarized® work, Music with Sound has been in turn itself plagiarized on numerous occasions. (The Orb have become Tape-beatles, too, by Frauenfelder's definition.) Someday soon, you'll say to yourself, I'll remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard The Tape-beatles' Music with Sound.

Composed by:
Linda Morgan Brown
Lloyd Dunn
John Heck
Ralph Johnson
Paul Neff

Performed by:
Linda Morgan Brown
Lloyd Dunn
John Heck
Ralph Johnson
Paul Neff

Video and film by:
Linda Morgan Brown
Lloyd Dunn
John Heck

Cassette release (1990): Plagiarism® Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa
CD release (1990): DOVentertainment, Toronto, Canada
Expanded CD release (1997): Staalplaat, Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Berlin, Germany
Picture disk LP (1998): Staalplaat, Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Berlin, Germany

CD release (1999): Staalplaat, Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Berlin, Germany
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