Tellus #10: All Guitars! (1985)

  1. Lee Ranaldo: The Bridge (3:12)
    Recorded May 1985. Thanks to Wharton. AFTER A WHILE I TURN FOR GTR. TO BE HANDLED. WAILING WITHIN THE DIN. QUIT, TURN AND LED AWAY. "....the bridge, we'll build it now, it may take a lot of time..."

  2. Arto Lindsay and Toni Nogueira: Buy One (1:06)
    Recorded at PASS by Dana and mixed by Gerry.

  3. Janice Sloane: Blow Sounds On The Nail (2:28)

  4. Butthole Surfers: U.S.S.A. (2:00)
    Recorded CBGB by Barbera Milne 6/13/85.

  5. New Detroit Inc.: Brown Dub (2:37)
    Recorded 1 Aug. 84. Remixed 16 May 85 at Whartons Fun City, NYC. John K. Erskine: vox redux, engineer, editor, Norman Westberg: guitar, Carolyn Master: guitar, Wharton Tiers: bass guitar and engineer, David Tritt: kick and snare, Sue Hanel: guitar, Harry Hams: remix assistant. Remixed from a version of Bob Dylan's "Ballad of Hollis Brown," any resemblance at this point is coincidental.

  6. Bob Mould Soundcheck (3:16)
    (Thank-you Hüsker DŸ)

  7. Bond Bergland: Moonlight Ride (3:34) Composition for processed electric guitar divination with tape inlets.

  8. Joseph Nechvatal: Dalychtocracy (2:01)
    Stratocaster duet overdubbed.

  9. Elliot Sharp: Solitons (1:45)

  10. David Llnton: Ringo (2:21)

  11. Jules Baptiste: Four to Deuce (2:07)

  12. Tim Schellenbaum: El Baile de la Penitencia dolorosa (3:08)
    Tim Schellenbaum: acoustic guitar, fiddle, piano, percussion, Peggy Hessing: voice, Mitch Salmen: electric guitar, recording engineer. Recorded at Bill's Friends studio. Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1982.

  13. Bump: I am a Rat (2:00)
    Jim Biodrman: percussion, synth, Ruth Peyser: guitar, vocals, Mike Sappoi: bass guitar. Recorded by Steve McAllister at Plugg Basement NYC Fall 1984.

  14. Rudolph Gray: 1000 Luminous Flowers in the Red Pool (3:12)
    Kip Kuba: engineer.

  15. Hahn Rowe: Dust Bowl Dub (for fretless bass, guitar and machine rhythm) (2:06)

  16. John Myra: Skatebike and Perdue (4:09)
    Recorded Spring 85 on a 4-trk mini studio. This piece was inspired by a sexy perdue chicken and a man who would ride a skatebike.

  17. Lydia Lunch and Lucy Hamilton: Lucy's Lost Her Head Again (1:28)
    Extract from The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton (Widowspeak/Rough Trade).

  18. Sue Manel: Dupe (1:10)

  19. Bliss BargeId: Untitled (2:25)
    Blixa Bargeld, Ado Lindsay, Marc Cunningham, Nigel. Thanks to Nicolas and Catherine.

  20. Andrew Nahem: Insult (1:19)
    Recorded at PASS 5/18/85 by C. Parkinson.

  21. Sandra Seymour: Rock That Baby! (1:39)
    Baby inspiration: Keenan and Martins.

  22. Run Nigger Run: Pray I Don't Kill You Faggot (5:29)
    Steve Albini (Big Black): Moan guitar, bass guitar, tape, drums, Nathan Katruud (Urge Overkill): Arabian guitar, theme from Shaft guitar, big muff guitar, Bling-Tang guitar.

  23. Thurston Moore: Skrewer Boy (3:11)
    Text available on request. Send SASE to Thurston Moore, 84 Eldridge St. #5, NYC 10002.

  24. Mark C. and Marnie Greenholz: Bad Hospital (2:27)
    Mark C: guitars, tapes. Marnie Greenholz: voice. This piece developed out of our collaborating in Live Skull and represents work completed since the recording of the album Bringing Home The Bait.

  25. Glenn Branca: Acoustic Phenomena (3:59)
    (1983). Introduction (the entire piece runs 14 min.) Originally commissioned by the Kunsthalle Berne, Switz. for performance installation by Dan Graham. It is dedicated to the memory of Axel Gross who assisted in the production and performed in the live version. Instrumentation is: 1) harmonics guitar, mallet guitar; 2) adapted harpsichords. The recording was made on a Tascam 4-trk cassette recorder.

  26. James Vidos: Rudy Has Religion (1:33)
    James Vidos: stratocaster, Richy Hand: Telecaster, 1000 year old Korg. Thanks to Billy "Do it till you're satisfied" Nichols.

  27. Angela Babln and Joe Dizney: Work Song (Cameroon) (1:15)

  28. Frankenjerry: Funhouse (1:51)
    Featuring the Honeymoon Killers.

Edited for UbuWeb by Steve McLaughlin

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