Tellus #11 The Sound of Radio (1985)
Contributing editors: Karen Frillman and Karen Pearlman

  1. Jay Allison 'The Neighborhood Freaks' (4:52)

  2. Adam Cornford and Daniel Crafts 'Fundamentals: Musical Preachers' (Excerpt) (2:07)

  3. Greg Whitehead 'If a Voice Like Then What?' (2:45)

  4. Susan Stone 'Langue Etude' (1:58)

  5. The New York IPS (Jay Allison, Janice Bail, Katie Davis, Karen Frillmann, Portia Franklin, Lou Giansante, Charlie Gilbert, Alan Gingold, Karen Pearlman, Marjorie Van Halteren) 'New York City: 24 Hours in Public Places' (Excerpt) (2:40)

  6. M'Iou Zahner Ollswang 'Mosquitos' (1:30)

  7. Ginna Allison 'La Llorona' (5:35)

  8. Marjorie Van Halteren 'Dead of Summer' Produced by Marjorie Van Halteren and Lou Giansante. Read by Russell Horion (2:03)

  9. Lou Giansante 'Balloon Man' Written by e.e. cummings (1:30)

  10. Karen Michel McPherson 'Postcard from Marna Springs' (1.28)

  11. Barrett Golding 'Cityphony' (2:00)

  12. Rick Harris 'Is This Real' (Excerpt) (3:42)

  13. Janice Bail and Portla Franklin 'Crime of Silence: The Sexual Abuse of Children' (3:39)

  14. Melanie Berzon 'And they never corne backÉ life after our parents have died' (Excerpt) (2:08)

  15. Edward Haber 'Citizen Kafka Ð Abbott and Costello Meet the Anti-Christ' (2:53)

  16. Steve Jones 'House of Dogs' (Excerpt) (2:14)

  17. Helen Thorington 'Stella Nova' (Excerpt) (4:30)

  18. Ginger Miles 'The Day That Buddy Holly Died: A Portrait of the Fifties' (Excerpt) (5:20)

  19. Karen Frillmann 'The Long Journey of Poppie Non Gena' (Excerpt) (5:22)


A gathering of independent radio recordings, this Tellus release presents extracts from radio plays by professionnal actors (like Steve Jones and Helen Thorington) and contemporary radio artists alike (see Susan Stone or Gregory Whitehead). 'The Sound of Radio' is by turns a paean to the disc-jockey turned storyteller, an ode to radiophonic schizo-politics, an over-the-top throwback to the golden era of 40s radio plays, and an exploration of documentary and narratological modes of radio production. Stand out tracks are Susan Stone's lecture on cutting; M'lou Oliswang's bugged-out collage of mosquito interviews; Steve Jones' deranged rendition of Artaud's 'Le Cenci'; the language-oriented radio art of Gregory Whitehead and the pop-infused soundscape gem 'Cityphony' by Barrett Golding. WIth a narrative radio play more or less emblematic of the collection, the cassette concludes with editor Karen Frillman's 'Long Journey of Poppie Non Gena' -- ostensibly playing around African wedding customs, this work engages the radio network in a profound dialog with ancestral oral culture.

- Laurent Fairon & Danny Snelson

s Engineered by G. Lindahl at Studio PASS. NYC, 1985. Publishers/Editors: Claudia Gould, Joseph Nechvatal, Carol Parkinson. Contributing Editors for this issue: Karen Frillman and Karen Pearlman.

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