Tellus #12 - Dance (1986)

  1. Bill Obrecht: Untitled (1:40)
    Written for the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, Charles Moulton, choreographer, summer 1985. Vincent Chancey: french horn, Steve Glozbano: tpt., Steve Elson: bari, tenor sax, Lenny Pickett: tenor sax, Peter Zummo: t-bone, Bill Obrecht: drum machines, synths. Copyright 1985 B. Obrecht.

  2. A. Leroy: Arcade (3:18)
    Written for a video by Carole Ann Klonarides and Lyn Blumenthal in collaboration with painter Ed Paschke. Copyright 1984

  3. Richard McGuire: You (2:45)
    A. McGuire: bass, vocal, sticks, baliphone, Mark Blandori: drums, Ken Man: Marimba

  4. Carol Parkinson: Heavybeat (4:25)
    For choreographer Isabelle Marteau. Jeff McGovern: drums, Cherina Mastrantones: bass, C. Parkinson: piano, Fairlight CMI. Recorded at PASS and Lost Studio. Copyright 1985

  5. Linda Fisher: Send Forth A Current (4:36)
    Commissioned by choreographer Renee Wadleigh. Electronic drums, effects boxes, mini moog synth and casio. Copyright 1985 Linda Fisher.

  6. Lenny Pickett: Dance Music for 4 Saxophones #3 (5:35)
    Written for Stephen Petronio's piece Adrift (with Cliford Arnell), Composed and performed by Lenny Pickett. Soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Pub. Lenny Pickeff Music. Copyright 1984. ASCAP

  7. AnIta Feldman and Michael Kowaiski: Riffle (2:41)
    A work for synthesizer and tap dance. Music composed by Michael Kowalski, tap dance composed and performed by Anita Feldman. Premiered in July 1985 at the U of Montana. Copyright 1985 Kowalski and Feldman

  8. J.A. Deane: The Beats (2:48)
    An excerpt from First Figure, Commissioned by choreographer Margaret Jenkins. J.A. Deane: percussion, electronics and mix, Michael Palmer: text, 0-Lan Shepard: voice. Recorded at OTR Studios.

  9. Gretchen Langheld: Desire Brings You Back Again (5:10)
    A collaboration with Greg Reeves and Nancy Alfaro at Experimental Intermedia Ftdn. 1985. G. Langheld: alto, Helen Hooke: violin, Bob Cadway: guitar, Jim Corter: bass, Dean Pappalardo: drums and percussion. p 1985 G. Langheld.

  10. Bruce Tovsky: Field (2:07)
    Commissioned by Muna Tseng Dance Projects for the dance What's the Rush 198485. Bruce Tovsky: synths, vocoder, loop samples, and drum machine programming.

  11. Brooks Williams: Demented Folk Tune (2:19)
    For choreographer Catlin Cobb 1985. Composed on the Fairlight CMI and Apple Computer using the 9 tone equal tempered scale. Recorded at PASS.

  12. Jim Farmer: Emperor's Clothes. (4:36)
    For Nancy Alfaro and dancers. J. Farmer: synths, guitars. Performed at Cunningham Dance Studio 1984. p 1983 Jim Farmer

  13. Hearn Gadbois: GAHT MAYH MOH8JOH3 WOYKIHN (3:13)
    Composed by Muddy Waters. Additional lyrics, arrangement by Hearn Gadbois. Macintosh, mbiras, chekere and congas. 1984.

  14. Liquid Liquid: Grove To Go (4:17)
    Sal Principato: percussion and vocals, Scott Hartley: drums and vocals, Dennis Young: synths, percussion, vocals. Recorded live at Irving Plaza Nov. 22 1985

  15. Al Diaz: What's In A Name (3:35)
    John Kuhlman: arrangement, guitar, bass, Al Diaz: timbales and vocals, Carlos Vivanco: guitar, Jane Waltzer-Diaz, Rene Cruz: vocals, Angel Quinones: congas, Freddy Klatz: snare drum, Michael Overn, Joe Nieves: whistling.

  16. David Linton: L'eau d'artifice (4:32)
    Excerpt from The Simpleton's Guide to the World's Greatest Music. Backing tape used in performance with the composer and Conrad Kinard. Engineered by Rolli Mosimann.

Curated by Gretchen Langheld and Bruce Tovsky, ÔDance' is a gathering of 1) works comissionned by choreographers, 2) instrumental songs based on dance rhythms or even 3) plain, unadulterated dance music. This Tellus issue include the most straightforward music to be found in the entire series. Some of the contributions sound like Gray or Liquid Liquid, or anything on the Anti-NY compilation, that is, bleak white funk on heavy beats & bass. All very energetic and making creative use of the studio facilities. Most surprising for me were the sax/trumpet crazynesss in Bill Obrecht and Lenny Picket instrumentals; the speech synthesis in Hearn GadboisÔ cover of Muddy Waters's ÔGot My Mojo Working', which wouldn't be out o place on Tellus #22 ÔFalse Phonemes'. It's a delight to have an unreleased live track by Liquid Liquid, a drum/synth-based song in primitive mood and chorale singing. And everything in between, from drum machine tracks, to mambo (Al Diaz), to romantic violin. Beautiful contribution of saxophone and FM guitar on Gretchen Langheld's Desire.

Edited for UbuWeb by Steve McLaughlin

Contributing editors: Gretchen Langheld and Bruce Tovsky

TELLUS is a subscription only bimonthly publication. To subscribe for 6 issues send $35.00 ($45.00 foreign), $7.00 single issue, to TELLUS, 143 Ludlow Street #14, NYC 10002.

Publishers/Editors: Claudia Gould, Joseph Nechvatal, Carol Parkinson. Assistant Debbie McBride. This project is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts. Engineered by G. Lindahl at Studio PASS, NYC. Cover by: Barbara Ess

Copyright 1986. All rights revert to the individual artists.


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