Tellus #17: Video Arts Music (1987)

  1. Sorrel Hays: Unnecessary Music from Love in Space (Excerpt) (2:19)
    Direction and music by Sorrel Hays. Vocalists: Janet Lawson and Mary Gemini; Violin: Julie Lyonn Lieberman; Synclavier: Sorrel Hays.

  2. Joe D'Agostino: Sort Of (1:31)
    Music and video by the artist.

  3. Jean Paul Curtay: Senses, Senses (excerpt) (2:11)
    Video and music by the artist, sound by J.P. Curtay and Bruce Darby. Realized at Elias Associates, NY.

  4. Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo: ATVO II (Excerpt) (2:07)
    Audio sequencer triggering video sequencer. 1986.

  5. David Blair - Wax (or The Discovery of Television Among Bees) (Excerpt) (1:35)
    Audio and video by the artist. 1986.

  6. Allan Powell and Connie Coleman: Song and Dance (2:08)
    Audio and video by the artists. Amiga computer generated voice sequence.

  7. Sara Hornbacher: Writing Degree Z (Excerpt) (2:04)
    Creative Associate: Robert Natowitz. Audio and video by Sara Hornbacher and Robert Natowitz. 1985.

  8. Julie Harrison: Transmigration (2:02)
    Audio by Carol Parkinson. Drums: Jeff McGovern; Vocals: Mia Stagberg. Produced at Studio PASS. 1985.

  9. Richard Kostelanetz: Recyclings (Excerpt) (1:55)
    Audio and video by artist, produced in 1975 at WXXI-FM, Rochester, text from a book by the artist with the same title, which first appeared from Assembling Press in 1973.

  10. Arlene Schloss: Ada Zee (1:48)
    Audio and video by artist, audio recorded at New Wilderness and Studio PASS. Engineer: Connie Kieltyka. 1985.

  11. Ann-Sargent Wooster: So I Lied (2:41)
    Music: Ann-Sargent Wooster and Brooks Williams.

  12. Peer Bode: Animal Migrations (and Why They Don't Get Lost) (1:56)
    Audio and video by artist.

  13. Peter Chamberlain: Five Minutes Up (1:31)
    Musicians: Bad Weather Bill Donovan, Susan Starr Chamberlain, Peter Chamberlain, Jeannie James, Dennis James. Video by the artist.

  14. Kjell Bjorgeengen: Video Distinctions (1:14)

  15. Alida Walsh: I Want to Go Home (1:36)
    Produced in part by the Harvestworks Emergency Audio Services Grant. Engineer: Alex Noyes. 1986.

  16. Ernest Gusella: The Red Star (Excerpt from The Rusting of Uncle Joe Steel) (1:42)

  17. Woody Vasulka - The Commission (Excerpt) (1:36)
    Text of Paganini: Ernest Gusella. Camera: Steina Vasulka. Special electronic tools: Jeffy Schier, Rutt/Etra.

  18. Neil Zusman: Bug in Wilderness (Excerpt) (1:55)

  19. Nancy Buchanan: The Work of Art in the Age of Electronic Reproduction (1:22)
    Music: Angelo Funicelli. 1985.

  20. Shalom Gorewitz: Blue Swee (Excerpt from Dissonant Landscapes) (2:39)
    Music composed and performed by Brooks Williams and Beo Morales. 1984.

  21. Rii Kanzaki: Flora
    Soundtrack by Earl Howard. (1:31)

  22. Ralph Hocking: Mix Tapes Series Two (2:01)
    Audio and video by artist.

  23. Matt Schlanger: Green River Blues (Excerpt) (2:09)
    Audio and video by artist. 1981.

  24. Ben Rocco: In Light of Sound: Sphere Study (Excerpt from Collaborations in Video) (2:02)
    Vocals: David Hykes. 1986.

  25. Peter Rose: Vox (1:57)
    Video by the artist. Audio by Fred Curchack. 198

  26. Hank Linhart: Untitled (Excerpt) (2:38)
    Audio by Shelley Hirsch, November 1986.

  27. Abby Lubby: On Playing Cello (1:52)
    Audio and video by artist.

  28. Mary Ross: Concerto (Excerpt) (2:30)
    Video by the artist. Music: Eric Ross. CANDENZA from Concerto for Orchestra (Op. 24) Recorded live at Lincoln Center Oct. 1982. Eric Ross on Piano and Synthesizer with the Universal Orchestra. 1982.
    Somehow, this file has gone missing on our server. If you have a copy you'd like to contribute, please let us know.

  29. Ren Weidenaar: Night Flame Ritual (Excerpt) (2:19)
    Audio and video by the artist. Clarinet: F. Gerard Errante. 1983.

  30. Celia Shapiro with Benny Powell: Ceah the Wizard (3:13)
    Music composed, performed, and arranged by Benny Powell. Engineer: Dana McCurdy. Recorded at Studio PASS. 1983.

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Numberous video pieces represented on this tape were originally produced in part at the facilities of the Experimental TV Venter, Owego, New York. This project is suppoerted in part by the New York State Coundil on the Arts and The National Endowment for the Arts.

Engineered by Alex Gardner at Studio PASS, NYC.
Copyright 1987, All rights revert to the individual artists.
Publishers/Editors: Claudia Gould, Joseph Nechvatal, Carol Parkinson.
Assistant Editor: Debbie McBride.
Contributing Editor: Peer Bode.
Assistant: Barbara Lounsbury.


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