Tellus #25 - Site-Less Sounds (1991)

1. Shelley Hirsch - #39 8:13

2. Gregory Whitehead - How To Pronounce 'Prosthesis' / M Is For The Million Things /This Is Not A Test

3. David Moss - Conjure 10:02

4. Jacki Apple, Keith Antar Mason, Linda Albertano, Akilah Nayo Oliver - Redefining Democracy In America: Episodes In Black And White 10:01

5. David Wojnarowicz and Ben Neill - The Collapse Of The Illusory One-Tribe Nation, From ITSOFOMO (In The Shadow Of Forward Motion) 10:36

6. Constance DeJong with Brenda Hutchinson - Vanishing Act 6:35

Site-Less Sounds is a collaboration between Harvestworks, New Radio and Performing Arts, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. TELLUS invited each organization to select artists to contribute new work. With language as a basis, the artists used found sounds, text manipulation, electronic signal processing, editing and sampling to produce high impact works calling attention to the spiritual and social climate of contemporary America.

Booklet [PDF]

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