Tellus #3 (1984)

  1. Kirby Malone - Excerpts from Dobbelganger, a performance by Impossible Theater

    Dobbelganger Theme, Secret Service, Ed Hyde Here, Ex-Secvet Service, I am a Little GirI. Composed and performed by Bob Boden on the Synclaver II. Words and music by Kirby Malone. Produced by the Impossible Theater at No-Evil Multi-Media Studio (Washington D.C.) and GRC Recording Studio (Baltimore).

  2. Jim Farmer - You Look Lovely in the Moonlight

    Jim Farmer: composer, guitar and vocals, Craig Gillis: bass, Scott Gillis: guitar, Mike Bednarski: drums, Dana Vlcher: saxes.

  3. Christopher Knowles - Tell it Like it Is.

  4. Disband - The Sad Song

    Ilona Granet, Martha Wilson, Ingrid Sischy, Donna Henes: vocals 1980. Produced at the ZBS Foundation Residency. Rome Baran, sound engineer.

  5. Chain Gang - Night Plantation

    Ricky Luanda: vocals, synthesizer, Larry Gee: guitar, Ted Twist: bass, Phil Von Rome: drums.

  6. Gregory Whltehead - Only a Rash Wound

    An audiotape narrowcast assembled by Gregory Whitehead.

  7. Daniel Shklalr - Bonded Lead

    DX-7 and drumlator programed and played by the composer.

  8. Bruce Tovaky - Moleman, a video soundtrack

    Publison, Lexicon PCM 41 and 42 Digital Delays, Roland Clap Box. All instrumentation by Bruce Tovsky.

  9. Wolfgang Staehle and Steve Pollack - Voice of the President

    From a soundtrack for a video by Walfgang Staehle. Instrumentation by Steve Pollack.

  10. Isaac Jackson - Excerpts from Messages

    A live radio program hosted by Isaac Jackson on WBAI-FM. This program was aired September 20, 1982, guests and music include A-One, Toxic, Chuck Arbitrator Koor, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ramm-ell-zee. Edited by Joseph Nechvatal.

  11. Cardboard Air Band - The Thermidor

    Lyrics by Alan Moore. Vocals: Ellen Cooper, Becky Howland and Kiki Smith.

  12. John Shirley and Sync 66 - Mating Probabifity Index

    John Shirley: lyrics and vocals, Sync 66: sound effects.

  13. Tim Schellenbeum - Tarantela

    Based on a version of the traditional by Joseph Recuero. David Linton: percussion and piano, Jeanette Riedel: violin, Tim Schellenbaum: mouth harp and percussion. Commissioned by Jill Kroesen for Lou's Dream.

  14. The Tlnklers and We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love - Don't Put Your Fingers in the Fan

    The Tinklers: Charles Brohawn and Chris Maison, vocals and lyrics. We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love: John Dreyfuss, Margie Dreyfuss, David Fair, JAD Fair and Mark Jinkling.

  15. Boom - Spy

    Jennifer Mitchell: piano, synthesizer, Dean Andrew Papalardo: percussion, Micky Ega: synthesizer, Peter Ily Hvemer: tapes.

  16. Brian Reinbolt - Switched Thing

    A product of experiments with gating recorded sounds to produce rhythms. Industrial and radio sourcetapes were used for the version. Rhythms were programed on an AIM 65 computer clocked by a synthesizer.

  17. Wharton Tiers - Great Awakening

    A soundtrack for the video Garden Light. Recorded with Korg Poly 61 synthesizer. Wharton also writes pop songs for the group Glorious Strangers.

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