Tomomi Adachi (b. 1972)

1. ""Schwitters Variations"
(Variations on the theme of Kurt Schwitters's "Ursonate", 2001)

I used 4 themes on 1st page of Kurt Schwitters's "Ursonate". I transformed and reconstructed in the way as systematic repetition, backward, removing consonants, removing vowels and in a part, improvisations.

2. ""Rrrr" (from the CD "Sparkling Materialism", 2000)

3. ""Anata 5"

The 5th work from a series of which used one Japanese phrase of melodramatic funny speech. The phrase is transformed in systematic way. Finally, it changes to another phrase in this piece.

4. ""Gamp"

5. ""Ktrp"

6. ""Lipp"

7. ""Tsh" (from the CD "Sparkling Materialism", 2000)

ADACHI Tomomi, born in 1972, is a performer/composer lived in Tokyo, Japan. He has played improvised music with voice, computer and self-made instruments and composed works for his own group "Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus" which is a punk-style choir. Recently he is making video pieces also. He has given concerts in Japan, Europe and U.S. with many musicians, dancers and poets. He has released CDs; solo "sparkling materialism" (naya records), Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus "nu" (naya records) and Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus "yo" (Tzadik). In the field of sound poetry, he performed Kurt Schwitters's "Ursonate" as Japan premiere, has introduced many works not only his own works but the unknown great Japanese sound poetry tradition. e-mail

  • Versions of the Ursonate on UbuWeb Sound