i Nipoti del Faraone (Mimì Colucci, Massimo Giacon, Alberto Mineo)

  1. i Nipoti del Faraone

  2. Eskimono

  3. Things of Paradise

  4. Honey Pot

  5. Prendi l'Osso e Corri

  6. Beautiful Dreamer

  7. Il Lungo, Il Corto, Il Pacioccone,

  8. Creepy


  1. Naif Orchestra: Fratelli D'Italia (Italy)

  2. Deficit des Annees Anterieures: La Marseillaise (France)

  3. P 16. D4: Aktion: Leer. Korn; Bier (West Germany)

  4. Van Kaye & Ignit: WILHELMUS, part 1 & 2 (Netherlands)

  5. Renaldo and the Loaf: Then At Iona Lanthem (Great Britain)

  6. No Night Sweats: The Gundagai Coolabah (Australia)

  7. Merzbow : Kimigayo (Japan)

  8. Olho Seco: Botas, fuzis, capacetes (Brasil)

  9. Spirocheta Pergoli: Munrovia Sunrise (Liberia)

  10. 001011011100...Cancer: Hodors Walley (Naon)

  11. Prhemm : UrsSA (USA/USSR)


  1. Gamma Thetan

  2. Strange quack quack

  3. Di Iui non si sa più nulla

  4. Nastro Rosso

  5. Fishes

  6. Combination

  7. Ancora Icone

  8. Fanfare for the meat generation

  9. Live Blister Bump

  10. I Love Cancer

01 - Piermario Ciani: Central Unit for TRAX 0982 XTRA, concept-organization-mixer. Cover by Plermarlo and Cristina.

02 - Vittore Baroni: Text, voice, guitar, post office.

03 - Massimo Giaacon: Text, voice, noises, casiotone. Fablo Beltrame: Sax, bass. Enrico Friso: Keyboards. Alberto Mineo: Bass, guitar, guitar synth.

04 - Giancarlo Martins: Guitar. Bruce: Vocals. Glen: Drums. Spyke: Keyboards. Momi: Drums (base only).

05- Martin Hail: Tapes, noises (base only).

O6 - Enrico Piva: Tapes, keyboards, personal IBM.

07- Nocturnal Emissions - Nigel Ayers: Tapes, voice, violin. Caroline K: Synth, voice.

08 - Daniele Ciullini: Synth.

09 - De Rezke - Angelo Pratolani: Text, voice, rhythmbox, casiotone. Roberto Rossini: Synth, voice, casiotone. Marco Canepa: Synth, sequencer.

10 - Ado Scaini: Rhythmbox, synth (base only). Ale: Keyboards (base only). Plexy: Synth, sequencer (base only). W. Gibson: Bass, guitar. Radar: Drums. Silence: Bass. Blue Panther: Maracas. Frankie Gasperoni: Geometer.

Thanks to: Studio Diamine, Atelier de Montage, 001... Cancer, centro UH! Contacts: Vittore Baroni, Via Raffaelli 2, 55042 Forte dei Marmi, Italy.

This record has not been produced, as usually, by one or more groups going into a recording studio with some compositions ready to be performed and transferred into vinyl.

This record is the final result of a process that did not take into account the musical, stylistic or compositive necessities of the various participants. The Central Unit 01 contacted a selected number of people acting as Peripheral Units in a project of crossed interferences.

Some Peripheral Units prepared a base-track on tape that was forwarded by 01 to other Units for further elaboration. The graphic on the cover represents the development of the subsequent crossings: e.g. the track Gamma Thetan, on the TRAX side, is the mixing resulting from a base produced by Unit 04, forwarded to Unit 08 who elaborated it, and later forwarded to 02 who after working on it returned the tape to 01, functioning as data processing centre.

The project TRAX 0982 XTRA proposes a workable model but does not exhaust its possibilities.

The series of ten modular compositions in this LP is just one among many possible combinations.

TRAX 0982 XTRA presents audio pieces without a composer performed by inexistent ensembles that meet only through a network of reproduction technologies and communication media.