Barry Truax (b. 1947)

Pacific Rim (1990)

1. East Wind (1981) [10:55]
for solo amplified recorder and four soundtracks

2. Arras (1980)
for four digital soundtracks

3. The Wings of Nike: I - Album (1987)

4. The Wings of Nike: II - Scherzo (1987)

5. The Wings of Nike: III - Coda (1987)
for two digital soundtracks

6. Pacific: I - Ocean (1990)

7. Pacific: II - Fog (1990)

8. Pacific: III - Harbour (1990)

9. Pacific: IV - Dragon (1990)

Barry Truax is a Canadian composer who specializes in real-time implementations of granular synthesis, often of sampled sounds, and soundscapes. He developed the first ever implementation of real-time granular synthesis, in 1986, the first to use a sample as the source of a granular composition in 1987's Wings of Nike, and was the first composer to explore the range between synchronic and asynchronic granular synthesis in 1986's Riverrun. The real-time technique suites or emphasizes auditory streams, which, along with soundscapes, inform his aesthetic.

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