Gilius van Bergeijk (b. 1946)

Volume One
  1. Pro Juventute, 11:06
  2. Symfonie Der Duizend (Alfabetisch), 10:33
  3. A Song Of Truth And Semblance, 12:56
  4. Four Pieces for Barrel Organ, 4:44
  5. D.E.S., 8:01
  6. The Call

Producer - Gilius Van Bergeijk, Luc Houtkamp

Gilius van Bergeijk (born Den Haag, 7 November 1946) is a Dutch composer. Taught by Kees van Baaren and Dick Raaymakers (electronic music), Gilius van Bergeijk is a highly respected teacher at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. Van Bergeijk also studied oboe and alto saxophone, playing with Peter Brötzmann in the Instant Composers Pool orchestra.